Ford Slashes Electric Vehicle Jobs As Democrats' Dreams of an EV Utopia Short Circuit

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

One of the most dangerous places to be is between liberals and the implementation of one of their harebrained ideas. Whether or not it will actually work is not the point; they believe it will, and that's all that matters. If it only affected them, no one would care, but it always affects the rest of us who don't want anything to do with it. A perfect example of this is their love of electric vehicles (EVs) and the notion that if they can just fit this square peg in a round hole and force them on the American people, nirvana will ensue. But for American automakers, EVs continue to be a losing proposition.

On Thursday, Ford announced it will be cutting two-thirds of the jobs at its Rogue EV Center in Dearborn, Michigan location. Just 700 of the 2,100 employees will remain at the facility. Another 700 will be transferred to the Wayne, Michigan facility to build Ford Bronco and Ranger models, while the remaining 700 will be offered reassignment to other plants or retirement packages. Ford's announcement comes as Stellantis recently announced it was laying off around 400 employees in the engineering, technology, and software divisions. The job cuts at both plants are a result of slow EV sales. 

The announcement by Ford was a drastic turnaround from just a year ago when it was announced that the automaker would be moving hundreds of employees from the Dearborn truck plant to the EV Center. Ford claimed at the time the move was to keep up with production due to customer demand. So, what happened to all of that customer demand? Well, as Democrats and the left crowed about the pros of EVs, average Americans started to learn the cons, and they don't like them. Things like price — in September of 2023, the price of a new EV compared to a new gas-powered car was around $14,000 more. That has come down, but they are still, on average, about $2,800 more than a gas-powered vehicle. Charging stations are also a problem. Chicago area electric vehicle owners found out the hard way that charging stations and extreme cold weather don't mix well. Hundreds of drivers were left stranded as their EVs became giant paperweights. Americans love a good road trip, but unless your road trip is through California, don't attempt one in an EV. The Department of Energy says there are about 40,000 charging stations, most of them in California. 

Ford lost a whopping $4.7 billion in 2023 on EVs, even more than the $4.5 billion projected. Do the math, and that comes out to $65,000 per vehicle. Ford predicts a loss of between $5 billion and $5.5 billion in 2024. Ford was not alone. In the fourth quarter of 2023, GM lost around $1.7 billion on its EV vehicles. But despite that, Joe Biden continues to double down on the entire EV boondoggle. New tailpipe regulations issued by the Biden administration are intended to limit the amount of pollution emitted by gas-powered vehicles. The idea is that by 2032, more than half of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. will be zero-emission vehicles — translation: EVs. Electric vehicles could become a serious issue for Joe Biden's reelection chances. In Michigan, Joe Biden trails Donald Trump by 3.5 points. Have the autoworkers Joe Biden stood on the picket line with last fall started to figure out that he is willing to throw them and their jobs under the bus to appease Democrat radical environmentalists?  

Joe Biden continues to decimate the American auto industry, forcing the cutting of thousands of American jobs with his ridiculous push on the American people of a product that the majority of them do not want. In January, Biden spoke to the United Autoworkers (UAW), where UAW President Shawn Fain had to admit that a "great majority of our workers wouldn't vote for Biden." Gee, I wonder why?  


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