Who Is Really Running the Show in the Biden White House?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As Joe Biden’s presidency has progressed, so too have a lot of questions concerning what many people believe to be some cognitive issues with Biden. Granted, it is an issue we all face as we age, but at 80 years old, it seems that instances of Biden having mental problems are increasing. Unlike past presidents, we have not heard much from Biden’s personal physician, so it is all just speculation. But the one thing that anyone who is watching honestly can’t deny is that First Lady Jill Biden is in the background at many more events than previous First Ladies. Is it just a good old-fashioned case of “stand by your man,” or is it something more?

Jill Biden has taken a pretty active role in her husband’s presidency. It is said that she has directly participated in vetting administration officials, she sits in on meetings, and appears to shield Biden from things like long events. It is almost as if she is afraid to let Joe tend to too many things on his own. Biden administration officials are quick to defend her. One former advisor stated, “She is usually in the room when senior campaign staff is presenting a strategy to her husband. She will ask questions. But she never weighs in on the decision.” Senior advisors to Biden say he does, however, consider her opinion often before making decisions on official concerns. But while Jill Biden will not offer up input on decision-making, she has also been known to rail at White House staff. In January of 2022, after a COVID press conference ran longer than planned, Jill Biden interrupted a meeting of top White House officials, demanding to know why the news conference wasn’t ended sooner and who was responsible for letting it go on. But sniping at White House staff is one thing; being seen leading the leader of the free world off of a stage by the hand like a child is another thing entirely — another disturbing thing entirely.

Traditionally, first ladies embrace a cause during their time in the White House. Barbara Bush championed literacy; her daughter-in-law, Laura Bush, advocated for education; Michelle Obama encouraged healthy eating for the nation’s children; and Melania Trump began “Be Best,” which encouraged kids to be their best in what ever path they chose. It also encompassed online safety and opioid abuse. Jill Biden teaches part-time, so in fairness, may have less time than other first ladies, but Jill Biden’s cause seems to be…Joe Biden.

But with 68 percent of voters saying they are concerned that Joe Biden does not have the mental or physical capacity for a second term and 44 percent saying they have “major concerns,” is it time to find out just exactly what Jill Biden is keeping Americans from noticing about Joe Biden? As Biden’s missteps become more visible and more frequent, RedState’s Sister Toldjah has asked the same question that will be asked here: Is Jill Biden a modern-day Edith Wilson, the wife of President Woodrow Wilson who, after he suffered a debilitating stroke, essentially managed her husband’s presidency? Jill was key in Biden’s decision to run for reelection. As Joe Biden’s wife, she is the one person who knows the true state of his health the best. What does she know, and is she making sure the rest of us don’t find out?

As the 2024 presidential campaign season heats up, like first ladies before her, Jill Biden will be out on the campaign trail stumping for Joe, that is, when she is not sitting in on policy meetings. Will it be as his biggest cheerleader or his caretaker?



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