Michelle Obama 'Builds' on 'Let's Move,' Co-Founds New Healthy Food Company Aimed at Kids

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama has a new job, and it is a lot like one she didn’t so well at before. She announced on Wednesday that she is the co-founder of a new company that will make and sell food aimed at children that is healthier, with higher nutrition content and less sugar. In her announcement, Mrs. Obama stated that with the new company, PLEZi Nutrition, she will be a strategic partner, and will work behind the scenes on things like educational and philanthropic endeavors. She will not be a public face of the company or be a spokesperson in any way. It is unknown if she helped with any financial backing to launch the company or if she will receive any kind of salary. Regarding the launch of the new company, Mrs. Obama said:


I’ve learned that on this issue, if you want to change the game, you can’t just work from the outside. You’ve got to get inside. You’ve got to find ways to change the food and beverage industry itself. So today, I’m proud to announce the national launch of a company designed not just to provide better products, but to jumpstart what I hope will be a race to the top that will transform the entire food industry.

As First Lady, Michelle Obama took on childhood nutrition and exercise as an issue. She began the “Let’s Move” campaign to encourage kids to eat healthy foods and engage in more activity. She also got promises from food companies that provide school lunches to improve the nutrition content in their products, and because liberals cannot resist the temptation to tell people how to live their lives, strong-armed other food companies and restaurant chains to cut calories, salt, sugar, and trans fats from their menus. But while healthier kids might be an idea that everyone could get behind, in order for kids to be healthy and eat healthy food, any parent knows that making that food more attractive to the kids is an important factor. When Michelle Obama got involved in school lunches, that didn’t happen.


In March 2014, the Washington Times reported on Michelle Obama’s school lunch program. In addition to higher costs to school districts and requiring kids to pay more for less food in their lunches, kids began tweeting out pictures of their less-than-appetizing lunches with the Twitter hashtag, #ThanksMichelleObama. Because of the unappealing meals, school districts began to cite another issue, the amount of waste being generated by kids giving up and throwing their lunch in the trash. Yet another problem: extra costs for school districts having to buy additional kitchen equipment to comply with new portion size regulations and other government mandates. But perhaps the most outrageous result of Michelle Obama’s school lunch program, kids who brought their lunch from home were having them confiscated if they contained any sweets, or did not contain the proper amount of fruits or vegetables infuriating parents. But as we are constantly reminded, liberals know best.

Michelle Obama’s new gig may cancel out some speculation that she was contemplating a 2024 run for the White House. As more questions surface about Joe Biden’s age as the 2024 campaign season heats up, there has also been speculation that Democrats may want someone else on the ticket. Michelle Obama’s name is one of many that have been mentioned as a possible candidate. But Michelle Obama has talked about life in the White House, and the fact that she was not a fan of it. It appears that she prefers to stay in her multi-million dollar Martha’s Vineyard mansion and lament the fact that she is very oppressed, and possibly forcing more bad food on America’s kids. Maybe the food from her new company will not end up in the school trash can.



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