The Many Denominations of Leftist Theology

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The great Rush Limbaugh once described liberalism itself as a religion. And when he described it as such, he said that “abortion was the sacrament.” Rush was right and prophetic about so many things. We see it every day, what is good for the country, what is good and safe for the people, and what is inherently right, just doesn’t occur to the left. It is about ideology and pushing their agenda on those who do not want it, at any cost. Liberalism is definitely a religion, and today in 2023, its primary denominations are climate change and transgenderism.


It is hard to say if one denomination is more popular than the other. Both have their rabid adherents. Climate change is the older of the two. It may have started innocently enough back in the 70s with “Earth Day” — which sounds like a concept we can all get behind. As human beings, we have the responsibility to be the best stewards of the planet we can possibly be. Regardless of our political leanings, we all want clean water for everyone, clean air, and at least most of us look at those who throw their trash out of a moving car window with disdain.

All good it seemed until Al Gore lost the 2000 election and realized he needed a job. Enter the next incarnation of Earth Day, global warming. Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” released in 2006, introduced us to a map of a flooded lower Manhattan. Couple that with the infamous 1998 “hockey stick” chart, an invention of climate scientist Michael Mann and colleagues which claimed to be a reconstruction of Northern Hemisphere temperatures since the 1400s depicting an alarmingly rapid rise in temperatures — purportedly due to human activity. Liberals were true believers.


But when it would snow in places that were usually warm climates, global warming became, climate change. The religious practices of those who follow the climate change denomination include: driving electric cars, installing solar panels on residential rooftops, wanting to ban gas stoves, and don’t even think about putting those recyclables in the regular trash! Climate change salvation comes when you have reduced your carbon footprint as much as humanly possible. The point? Humans are the problem, and as many of them as possible must be eliminated. And what will deliver these zealots to climate change “heaven?” Forcing the rest of us to follow their dogma.

While the climate change followers try to get us all to eat bugs because “sustainability!” or something, there are new traveling preachers in town, though transgenderism itself is nothing new. Those of us old enough remember ophthalmologist turned professional tennis player Renee Richards. Richards was the first well-known transgender American, having sex change surgery in 1975, a groundbreaking thing in those days. Fast forward to 2023, and transgenderism is the denomination gaining the most popularity. It is everywhere, and the followers of transgenderism appear more militant than their climate change cousins. They have a recruiting agenda in place to grow their numbers, in academia at every level, including elementary schools. They bring the transgender gospel into high school and collegiate sports where they demand that transgender women, born biologically male, be allowed to compete with biological women, who then have little to no chance of competing fairly. They bring it to business in the form of the shakedown of companies and corporations that do not accept this new theology in full.


And like most religious zealots, they fully believe in the dogma. They believe that they have been called by a higher power. That higher power appears to be God, when it is convenient. Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney has decided that he must be a religious martyr. He recently stated that,

“I’m trying really hard to maintain a relationship with God. I don’t think He made a mistake with me, and that maybe one day, I will actually be grateful for being trans, that this isn’t some curse, but it’s just a different path to the same destination.”

Hallelujah — it’s a miracle! The problem, among many with leftist theology, is that there is no freedom of religion for the rest of us. Non-believers are forced to comply, and if they do not, there is much penance to pay in the form of cancellation, and a basic destruction of your life for your sin of non-belief. The dedication to the religion of liberalism and the latest popular denominations runs deep. And with their level of dedication being this intense, there is no indication that anytime soon they will leave the non-believers alone, just relax, eat some bugs, and have a Bud Light.


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