Blue State Dems Aren't Hiding It Anymore, Move Closer to Forcing American Homeowners to Shelter Illegals

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We've written recently about New York and other blue states making life more and more inconvenient for American citizens living there, over the (at least in their way of thinking) more urgent needs of illegal aliens, who continue to stream daily across our southern border.


 A story that continues to linger in my mind is the one from a few days ago, about New York City making high school kids return to the remote learning model from COVID lockdowns--so that undocumented people who were being sheltered in tents could bunk down inside the school gym during bad weather. That didn't fly with many people, as my colleague Nick Arama wrote:

The city is evacuating almost 2,000 illegal aliens who are staying in a tent on Floyd Bennett Field due to concerns about the weather because the field is not a livable environment in the face of a potential torrential rain storm and high winds. 

But city officials are now moving the illegal aliens into the second-floor gym of James Madison High School in Brooklyn.

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams, readers may remember, tried to stop the buses from bringing in illegal aliens from overwhelmed border states, announcing a new executive order on January 1st that would limit when drivers could drop off their passengers. But they seem to have found some clever work-arounds:

Under the executive order, Adams is requiring bus drivers who are aware that they're carrying illegal aliens with fares paid for “by a third party” to provide the city with at least a 32-hour notice before their anticipated arrival. Again, no sweat for the drivers: New Jersey officials say they're dropping off the illegals at Secaucus Junction Train Station — about a 15-minute ride from New York City. 

Moreover, according to Tyler Jones, a spokesperson from New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) office, drivers are also dropping off illegals at train stations throughout the state.


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And what is Mayor Adams' long-term plan for where these illegal immigrants should be housed? Take a listen to this flashback video from June 2023--as Adams tells you his "vision" in his own words:

Did you catch that part about where he blithely insists that people who are struggling financially from Bidenomics will need to give up their "spare rooms" to shelter illegals? Or Adams' hint that some federal money earmarked to NY for handling the illegals might flow into Amercans' pocketbooks? I'm not sure how that could be legal--with the government deciding how you should live your day to day life, or how much space you and your family are alloted.

But mayors are not the only blue state Dems who aren't hiding the fact that they want homeowners in their states to board illegal aliens.

As our friend, Libs of TikTok, points out in a new post on X (formerly known as Twitter), things seem to be moving in that direction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:


The X post continues:

MA is the only state in the nation with a “right-to-shelter” law which means the state must provide shelter for anyone who needs it. .@elonmusk is right. They’re going to come for our private homes.

Here, we see a city event hoping to coax residents to volunteer to "host" illegal aliens, in language that makes it sound like you'll be treated to a visit from a delightful foreign exchange student. At this point, at least in MA, the plan is being couched in wording that's a choice; people are voluntarily learning about how to help out. But soon enough, like with Mayor Adams in NY, it will move to a requirement before you know it. This is the way the progressive Left goes--in incremental steps.



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