Mike Huckabee Shares 'Proud Dad' Moment Over Arkansas Gov-Elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Win

We’ve shared a boatload of reactions, hot takes, and more about what happened in last Tuesday’s election. But sometimes, it’s worthwhile to pause the politics and focus on the personal angle.


Indeed, during the opening monologue of the latest episode of his TBN program, “Huckabee,” on Saturday, former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee paused before providing his own post-mortem on the midterms to enjoy a “proud dad” moment — and why shouldn’t he? His daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was just elected by the people of Arkansas as their next governor.

He begins:

Well, at least one race I did get right.

My daughter Sarah did win in a landslide, to become the first-ever woman to be governor of Arkansas. Kinda happy about that.

It also marks the first time ever in the country, when a father-daughter both served a state as governor.

I’m very proud of her and, quite frankly, I believe–as I’ve said to this audience and many people–she will satisfy her supporters, and she will surprise those who didn’t vote for her. The bums.

Just kidding.

You know, I thought I was a pretty effective governor, but I quite frankly hope that she’s even better. And she probably will be.


On Thursday, the former governor also sat down for an interview on Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” program.

Huckabee joked, after host Maria Bartiromo’s introduction, that he “now has a teeshirt that just says ‘Sarah’s Dad'” on it. He continued, “I’m excited for her. I’m excited for our state, because I believe she’s going to be a terrific leader. She’s got the heart of a mom, but she’s got the tenacity of a tiger.”

Bartiromo then mentioned that the “father-daughter scenario in Arkansas” is “a beautiful thing” — alluding to the history the family made with the win; so, for Sanders–and Huckabee–this is even more special.

The clip starts with part of Arkansas Governor-Elect Sanders’ emotional victory speech from Tuesday night, in which the proud mama mentions “the three little reminders” whom she says will be keeping her accountable on “what we’re fighting for”– her kids: Scarlett, Huck, and George.


Here they are in a charming flashback from 2017, taking part in the White House Easter egg event during President Donald Trump’s time in office:

Mike Huckabee concluded his monologue on Saturday by touching on the Republican Party’s underwhelming results in the midterm elections–but shared this timely, hopeful reminder for conservatives: “This is not a time to give up. [This is the] time to get fired up!”


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