Agent for Salman Rushdie Has Health Update, Making a Chilling Reference to John Lennon's Assassination

John Bazemore

Over the summer, the world was shocked by the horrific assassination attempt against celebrated author and human rights advocate Salman Rushdie, which happened in New York during a speaking engagement. On August 12, the would-be terrorist killer plunged a knife toward Rushdie and beat him, and those close to the author reported at the time that one of those wounds might take one of his eyes.


As we also reported, the 24-year-old attacker, Hadi Matar “pleaded not guilty Saturday to charges of second-degree attempted murder and assault and was held without bail, according to multiple reports.”

My colleague at sister site PJ Media, columnist Matt Margolis wrote in a piece earlier on Sunday (Revealed: Salman Rushdie’s Injuries From Brutal Attack) that the author’s agent revealed to a Spanish publication fresh details on Rushdie’s health–and it’s worse than anyone thought:

“[His wounds] were profound, but he’s [also] lost the sight of one eye,” explained Wylie. “He had three serious wounds in his neck. One hand is incapacitated because the nerves in his arm were cut. And he has about 15 more wounds in his chest and torso. So, it was a brutal attack.”

Wylie provided no further details, other than that Rushdie will survive.

Indeed, El País via the New York Post reports that for the man’s own safety, “[t]he agent declined to say whether Rushdie is still being treated at the hospital.”


But something else Wylie told the publication was chilling, when he referenced the assassination of singer and activist John Lennon–coincidentally, also in New York:

“I think the attack was probably something that Salman and I have discussed in the past, which was that the principal danger that he faced so many years after the fatwa was imposed is from a random person coming out of nowhere and attacking [him].’

“So, you can’t protect against that because it’s totally unexpected and illogical. It was like John Lennon’s murder,” he added.

RedState will provide further updates on Rushdie’s condition as they become available.


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