Liz Warren Thinks the Federal Gov't Should Mandate 'Pre-Registering' 16-Year-Olds to Vote

You’ve got to hand it to the progressive wing of the Democrat party. When they put something in place in one of their deep-blue bastions, like Massachusetts or California, and other states aren’t so quick to buy what they’re selling, they’re like a German Shepherd with an oversized chew toy and can’t seem to let it go. That’s especially true on a topic like our nation’s elections and voting laws.


In just the latest example, Sen. Liz Warren (D-MA) and one of her fellow radical leftists from Georgia in the lower chamber are now pushing an election agenda item they seem to think will work great in every state. And just like mandatory COVID vaccinations in the military, they now say the federal government needs to force their brilliant scheme on everyone in the country as a mandate.

According to a new Daily Caller News Foundation report:

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Democratic Georgia Rep. Nikema Williams introduced the Youth Voting Rights Act On Monday, which would require states to establish voting pre-registration processes for 16 and 17-year-olds.

Under the mandate, every state will be forced to implement a process under which “individuals may apply to register to vote in elections for Federal office in the State at any time on or after the date on which the individual turns 16 years of age” to ensure they can vote as soon as they turn 18. …

The reason Warren and her cohorts want to do this isn’t out of the kindness of their hearts — to help the kids who might turn 18 close to election time take their civic duty seriously or make the registration process easier to manage for the states’ election officials. Nope, it’s all about power and more votes for them.


….Democrats tend to have an advantage among younger voters. 55% of likely voters prefer Democratic leadership, while only 34% prefer Republican leadership, according to a 2022 Harvard Youth Poll.

As I mentioned, the Democrats get their screwy and in this case, redundant, ideas from what they do in their own states. This is happening already in the state of California, according to the secretary of state office’s website, which has a hip-looking, lower case title on the main page:

pre-register at 16. vote at 18.

The DCNF report adds that states could even make registration available “for minors who are younger than 16 years of age, and there is no minimum age requirement for pre-registration suggested within the bill.”


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