Commanders NFL Coach Fines Assistant $100K Over 'Dust up' Remarks, Comparison of BLM Riots and Jan. 6

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Earlier this week, my colleague Bonchie shared the news on the tale of Jack Del Rio, a defensive assistant coach for the NFL’s Washington Redskins Commanders football team getting excoriated in the media and among the elite sports pundit class for several remarks he made recently about both the January 6 Capitol riot and the BLM riots of two summers back.


The controversy started when Del Rio recently commented on a post about the January 6th committee, wondering why the same emphasis isn’t put on the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 that killed dozens of people and led to billions of dollars in damage.

Then Del Rio addressed the controversy (such as it is) at a press conference Wednesday:

When pressed on the matter at his press conference, Del Rio doubled down, going so far as to call January 6th a “dust-up,” downplaying its significance in relation to the BLM riots.

Unfortunately, as we have seen happen time and again in these high-profile situations, Jack Del Rio decided he had better bend the knee, take his lumps — and keep his high-paying job. Later on in the day, he made his mea culpa through an obviously forced press release, via social media:


As someone once intoned: “He chose poorly.”

On Friday, the coach of the Commanders, Ron Rivera released his own statement — not only highlighting his employee’s apparent failure as a good enough soldier for the left’s narrative du jour about what happened on January 6 in D.C.– but fining Del Rio $100,000, to boot.

When this is the obvious result of apologizing to the mob, I can’t feel much sympathy for Del Rio. He made his own bed. Such a shame.


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