NFL Coach Causes a Mass Triggering After January 6th, BLM Comments

NFL coach Jack Del Rio, who is currently the defensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders, has found himself in hot water following some comments he made at a recent news conference.


The controversy started when Del Rio recently commented on a post about the January 6th committee, wondering why the same emphasis isn’t put on the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 that killed dozens of people and led to billions of dollars in damage.

Del Rio’s question is, of course, completely fair. It is illogical to pretend that a three-hour riot at the Capitol – in which the only person murdered was a protester – is somehow more worthy of Congress’ obsession than the multitude of high-profile BLM riots that plagued the United States. Those riots led to numerous kills and people losing their livelihoods.

When pressed on the matter at his press conference, Del Rio doubled down, going so far as to call January 6th a “dust-up,” downplaying its significance in relation to the BLM riots.


January 6th is a religious date of observation for the left. It forms their very being, undergirding their ideology of “democracy,” and it is the only thing they have to run on going into the November mid-terms. Del Rio choosing to downplay it is a mortal sin–and one that won’t be forgiven. That he’s using January 6th as a comparison to bring up the BLM riots only makes things worse in the eyes of the left. They want to memory-hole the latter while obsessing over the former. Any straying from that narrative leads to vicious attacks.

Because of that, you can expect a full-scale attempt to get Del Rio fired for what he said, and a quick Google search will show that’s already partially underway. The left-wing sports sites (i.e. pretty much all of them outside of Outkick) and sportswriters are fuming.

You see, it’s “saying the quiet part out loud” to be against violent riots that destroy entire city blocks, lead to multiple murders, and cost thousands of (mostly black) people their safety and ability to make a living. To be clear, that’s all that Del Rio said. He never critiqued the actual BLM movement, though it would have been more than proper for him to do so, given its vast record of corruption and incitement.


So good luck to Del Rio, because the outcry is going to be swift for him daring to cross the left’s redline. Will the Commanders stick by him? Will he bend the knee and apologize? I guess we’ll find out.


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