Donald Trump Jr. Calls Malarkey on Biden 'Retaliation Strike' Claim

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As we reported on Saturday, the Biden Administration announced it had executed a surgical drone strike on some no-good terrorist types whom they claimed helped plan the suicide bombing that killed American troops and Afghans at Kabul airport Thursday.


Several of my colleagues wrote extensively about the countermeasure, including Streiff and Bonchie. In fact, when we reported on the drone attack, we questioned right away why exactly the Pentagon failed to name the men who were killed  — if they were such a big deal to kill. (see Pentagon Briefing on ISIS-K ‘Retaliatory Strike’ Prompts More Questions Than Answers.)

Nick Arama wrote:

Major General Hank Taylor said that he could now confirm that “two high-profile ISIS targets were killed, one wounded, and we know of zero civilian casualties.”


But they refused to name who the people were who were killed or provide any further details.


They also seem to have found this person rather quickly. Which makes me wonder: did they already know where he was, even before the suicide attack?

Now, Donald Trump Jr. is asking similar questions, which so many of us were thinking but didn’t say out loud. He shared his thoughts with followers on the Twitters early Sunday morning.

“Anyone else feel like we’re being catfished?

The same people who had no idea Taliban were planning to take over the country and didn’t plan to get Americans out knew exactly where to find two specific people.

If it even happened, I’d venture they “weren’t high” profile at all!”


For anyone unfamiliar with the term “catfish,” just think “fooled” or “punked.” Whatever you call it, it’s not good.

It’s a sad commentary on the current leadership at the White House, Foggy Bottom, and the State Department, when Americans have zero trust in what they are being told about our national security and what our country may or may not be doing overseas. That trust has been broken by the countless lies and obfuscations which the Biden team and its allies in the media have throw out at us in just under eight months in office. We might as well call it what it is: malarkey.

When people who’ve shown themselves to be liars don’t give you details on something like this strategic op meant to take out high-level terrorist targets, any person with a functioning brain is going to ask why. It’s good to see that’s starting to take place.


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