HIGHER CULTURE: Essential "Lower Culture" Podcast Update

New developments are afoot on my “Lower Culture With Becca Lower” podcast — essential updates are coming soon

This week, I learned from a senior RedState colleague that I would be expected to take on a trainee to show the ropes, so to speak, of hosting a podcast/online radio show. I’ll admit this “news” came as a bit of a surprise to me as you might know, I’m still a somewhat “green” podcast host myself — with just 4 or 5 episodes in to “Lower Culture With Becca Lower.” And the piece you are reading is by way of explaining why there is no new podcast this weekend.

Here’s how it all went down, readers. Mr. Brandon Morse took me aside a few days back and let me know this co-worker (or colleague, as we often say) approached him during a “side call” after a regular, all-contributor Zoom meeting.

Apparently, my colleague’s dream is to get more experience as a radio guy. He told Brandon he’s co-hosted an “online radio show” in the past, but it’s been a few years. Sheesh, really? And as far as I can reckon, his primary activity at our publication so far has been wandering the halls of RedState, searching for a much-coveted Reece’s Cups from the sundry vending machines (which, sadly, only seem to carry packets of stale, Lays potato chips, a handful of dented Good & Plenty boxes, and, if you’re lucky, a lone Mr. Goodbar that’s been around since Erick Erickson last worked here).

God help me, this dude is sitting in on my podcasts for a little bit going forward and asking one question of the guests per interview. That is, if he can muster a decent one.

I beg your forbearance and patience as a compassionate, loving audience on this change in format. We’re also making one, slight change: the show will be a little trimmer — with a run-time of between 30 and 45 minutes, instead of the longer time I’d been hewing to. Again, it’s something that’s an experiment that could change in time, or as conditions warrant.

But I have a feeling, if this young fellow applies himself, he could have a promising future in the radio world. We’ll see! And you listeners will be the ultimate judges on whether he’ll become the next Rush Limbaugh, of course, starting with next week’s episode. Please let me know in the podcast comments!

On a related note, my new colleague Jerry Wilson gave an update (or, more properly, a heads up) for readers earlier Saturday, on his longtime podcast on Christian music, “The Cephas Hour.” Take a gander at his introduction at the link, then give it a listen! See you next week.


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