"Lower Culture With Becca Lower" Podcast, Special Guest: Thomas LaDuke

Welcome back! Join Becca Lower and her special guest, RedState contributor and radio host Thomas LaDuke (he’d invite you to call him ‘Duke’) on the new episode of the “Lower Culture With Becca Lower” podcast!

If you’ve been around the Conservative media world for any length of time, you know Duke used to play an essential role in “The Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy” online radio show, but he explains here how he keeps those skills “sharp” with his folksy, Detroit, Michigan-based “porch podcast.” As readers, you likely know he hosts a weekly, terrestrial radio show, too.

But did you happen to catch Duke’s recent pieces at RedState on Christianity and the Bible? Maybe not. Becca and Duke talk about them, but also delve into the ‘controversial’ while chatting about Cincinnati Reds baseball and the city’s unique brand of chili, and more you won’t expect!

Take a listen to the conversation below: