Janice Dean's Sister-in-Law Blasts #CuomoCoverup in Parents' COVID Deaths

Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

My colleague Brandon Morse wrote earlier today about New York politicians on both side of the aisle demanding an investigation into Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gross mishandling of the Wuhan Coronavirus crisis in his state.


In his Monday press conference, Cuomo did nothing to quell the righteous anger of critics like Fox News’ Janice Dean, whose husband’s parents died in a NY nursing home from complications related to COVID. Janice took to Twitter and live-tweeted it, pointing out his ongoing “nonsense and lies” as part of what she calls #CuomoCoverup.

She included this “disgraceful” quote:

RedState has widely-covered the Fox meteorologist’s very public campaign to garner even the slightest trace of accountability from Cuomo. But Janice isn’t the only family member giving voice to their frustration over the Democrat administration’s reckless actions (or lack of it) during the pandemic. In a new article  published Monday by the NY Post titled “‘It looked like murder’: Families of nursing home victims demand Cuomo probe,” sister-in-law Donna Johnson is now blasting the governor. And she doesn’t mince words.


NY Post:

“Nothing is going to bring my parents back but we want to know why, because to us, looking at it, it just looked like murder — it looks like you were a serial killer, there are thousands of seniors dead,” said Donna Johnson, who lost both of her parents to COVID-19 at the height of the pandemic last year after they contracted the virus at senior care facilities.

“He killed a lot of people, I mean people don’t have grandmas and grandpas and moms and dads anymore because of one man’s decision.”

The piece continued:

Johnson, 59, said her father, Michael “Micky” Newman, a retired FDNY firefighter, was only at the Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to recover after a hospital visit but he never made it out alive. She wants answers from Cuomo and said he should “resign.”

“I just want the truth, why’d you do it? What was in his mind to do this?” Johnson told The Post.


Another fact makes Donna’s words even more poignant: her parents would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 11th, as Janice shared in a FoxNews.com op-ed last week:

But as daughter Donna told the Post, in a scathing barb aimed at Gov. Cuomo, “It’s too late for an apology.”

h/t: Janice Dean


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