HIGHER CULTURE: Josh Gad's 'Reunited Apart' Lets Us All Fanboy/girl over '80s Comedy Gold — Watch

HIGHER CULTURE: Josh Gad's 'Reunited Apart' Lets Us All Fanboy/girl over '80s Comedy Gold — Watch

If you’re like me, I suspect you’re probably unfamiliar with Josh Gad or his filmography. And for this cultural journey’s purposes, that isn’t all that important. All you need to know is that he’s an actor who really, really loves silver screen comedies from the 1980s.

Earlier today, I wrote a satirical piece about the top, virtual events that happened in 2020.

And after taking another look at the past year, all I want to do is kick back with some nostalgia. Maybe you’re in that kind of mood, too. Getting a chance to remember the first time we watched ’80s classics like “Wayne’s World” or “Back To The Future,” if you’ll pardon a paraphrase of an ’80s catchphrase, might just be the ticket for all of us.

Now, Josh isn’t just a casual fan; up front, he admits in his free to watch, YouTube series, “Reunited Apart” that he’s a fanboy (or what you might call a super fan) of these movies. As you likely know, starting in the late ’70s, blockbuster films rarely went without sequels… or follow-ups loosely based on the first one. Our host doesn’t leave mentions of those installments out! It proves how earnest he is here, which is a big part of its charm.

But here’s what swoops “Reunited Apart”  — like a flying, time-traveling car — over and above other, online movie programs you might have watched: Josh doesn’t just tell you what he thinks of the movies; he brings the cast, crew, director, other production staffers, and writer/s back together, virtually. He lets them interact and steps aside as they tell the story. That’s magical for movie nerds like me (and maybe, you).

Here’s a small sampling of what he’s been able pulled off (so far): “Back to the Future,” “Splash,” “Wayne’s World,” and the granddaddy of them all, “Ghostbusters.” Only some of the biggest comedies for GenXers like me growing up.

Now, normally, I’d pepper you with observations about the episodes I watched. But I think it’s better if I take a cue from Josh. Grab some popcorn, watch the video below, and be prepared to laugh. A lot.

I’ll admit it: the episode that most warmed my heart covered the wacky and wonderful “Wayne’s World” (click the above link to watch it). But any number of Josh’s retrospective YouTube videos may be your favorite, whether that’s one of the titles I’ve pointed out, or the most recent episode from about a week back on a movie and its streaming TV progeny, “The Karate Kid/Cobra Kai.” Either way, make sure to subscribe to the “Josh Gad” channel while you’re there, too. If we’re lucky next year, he’ll keep this series going — long after the pandemic’s faded in the rearview mirror.

Watch the full “Back To The Future” episode below, via Josh Gad‘s YouTube channel:

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