Padilla Pick Exposes the Problem With Democrats' Federal 'Diversity' Hiring Practices

Christopher Chung/The Press Democrat via AP, Pool

To paraphrase that great philosopher of the Nineties and early 2000s, Britney Spears, “Oops, they did it again.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the Democrat Party added yet another “diversity” hire in Washington, D.C., along the lines of Joe Biden choosing current California Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate, after he pandered by announcing during the primaries he would only pick from binders full of women (so to speak). Of course, that left a Senate seat vacant for CA.


My colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell wrote about Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom elevating Alex Padilla to the office, while giving readers some truly disheartening details on why what Padilla’s done as the Golden State’s secretary of state should stay in California and not be expanded in a federal role like senator.

She also hinted at the strife the process of picking SoS Padilla caused within the party itself, writing that it amounted to “internecine battles among the Latino Women’s Caucus of the California Legislature.”

But the battles over this aren’t finished for some progressives, it appears.

PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor bemoaned the fact that, with Padilla getting the position, “there will be no black women serving in the Senate.”

She chooses to ignore the fact that three, other minority women do currently serve in the Upper House.  Oh, and the fact that only two, black women have ever been elected to the Senate. Also, the only reason there’s no black woman is that she’s set to become the vice president of the United States.


You see, here’s the pickle progressives find themselves in. California Democrat Reps. Barbara Lee, Karen Bass, and Ro Khanna were seen as the “favorites” to be named to fill Harris’ Senate seat.

In fact, Rep. Lee was one of the first to graciously congratulate Padilla, after news broke:

She continued in a thread that followed to heap praise on Padilla, which I’ll spare you. You’re welcome.

The comments from radical leftists on Lee’s congratulatory tweet are telling, though. It might be expected that they were disappointed she didn’t get the seat. But there were many, more bizarre replies, with one commenter even venturing into a bizarre rant about Padilla, saying he wasn’t fit to represent Latinos in Congress. Because, as one other person hinted, he likely — not making this up –“racially [identifies]” as White.


Another person flat-out stated that, as a Democrat, you need to hold the right views to represent Latinos:

And Siraj Hashmi’s jab at the Left’s incessant calls for diversity is spot on, by showing side-by-side headlines from one of their reporter pals:

Over and over, the Left keeps bumping up against the same problem: as was clear when word got out about choices the incoming Biden administration might make for his cabinet. Making decisions in hiring based primarily on a candidate’s skin color is inherently racist. And no fancy phrasing about history being made or glass ceilings being broken will change that ugly fact.


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