Biden's Ghoulish Shadow Cabinet

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Over the past 24 hours, you’ve likely seen stories and heard all across the broadcast airwaves about brand-name Republicans, who have endorsed at various times during the campaign season the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, being considered for plum posts in a theoretical Joe Biden, White House Cabinet. For example, in this Tuesday, Cincinnati Enquirer piece, you could read about former Ohio governor, wannabe 2016 presidential spoiler, and Mailman’s Son™, John Kasich.

Remember that time when Kasich only won his home state in the Republican primary? Such good times!

I don’t have to repeat the other names, because this “news” was no news to RedState readers; Those heralded by the legacy media as “brave” soldiers willing to stand against the tyrant Trump are inveterate Never Trumpers all. And to borrow a favorite word of the president, they’re all losers: people like useless, former Arizona senator Jeff Flake, former, failed candidate for governor of California and tech CEO Meg Whitman, and former Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker. You can find a roll call of similar, GOP losers in this Daily Caller piece. And National Review’s Mairead McArdle focused on Flake and Kasich in her Tuesday article.

Now, you might ask: Why would anyone with an “R” after his or her name go, cup in hand, to what may be the most progressive Democrat ticket in history? It’s simple: it helps greatly to hold no core values. Except your own promotion, obviously. But I digress.

But a lot of that “shocking abandonment” of President Trump is for show. We all know it’s a song and dance. And the people in the media who report it with bated breath know it, too. Much more troubling are the ghoulish figures within the Democrat ranks, who are just licking their chops to get close to the levers of power, if Biden wins the presidency in less than 13 days. It’s something that should scare every Republican, Libertarian, and Conservative voter — it sure as heck scares me. Let me explain why.

Former congresscritter and favorite panelist of the late, lamented “Red Eye,” Thaddeus McCotter, points us to just one example of the “perfectly healthy, perfectly normal” concepts these people around Biden are floating — if only they can get access to whoever sits in the Oval Office:

Democrats are depending on America’s voters having such short memories that they forget what Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s words translate to in real-world terms. But our readers remember, don’t you? Private landowners and farmers being fined into bankruptcy, because the EPA’s wrongheaded definition of “bodies of water,” which the federal government can then regulate to death, include puddles of rainwater. And the coal and fracking industries? Sorry, Pennsylvania and Ohio!

“Gun Czar” Beto O’Rourke is a lock for a position beside Biden; it appears to be part of the bargain he struck for dropping out and endorsing the former vice president, as the NY Post reported. But if you think O’Rourke and Warren are scary choices, just wait…

There’s an entire segment of the mainstream media that’s been divining what their “Dream” Cabinet would look like for months, which if you really think about it, is a sort of high arrogance, even for them. They believe their own spin, at this point. But, again, I digress.

Back in August, David Siders at Politico shared his fantasy picks, beginning with a preamble on where Biden’s advice is mostly coming from:

Biden’s White House and his Cabinet would likely lean on his connections from the Obama administration, including institutionalists who are palatable to centrist Democrats. But in the same way Biden shifted left on policy in recent months in response to the pandemic, he is also taking advice from the progressive wing of the party.

Interviews with more than a dozen Democrats familiar with his transition process describe an effort by his campaign to assemble a center-left amalgamation of personnel designed to prioritize speed over ideology in responding to the coronavirus and the resulting economic ruin. Think Susan Rice, but also Elizabeth Warren. Pete Buttigieg, but also Karen Bass.

Susan Rice, you say? Goodness. Mayor Pete? Karen Bass? It’s like a “Walking Dead” of the Democrat primary news cycle, come back to ghastly life!

Politico followed up with a new piece on this all-important topic last week, too. That’s when things really started cookin’, as CNN has one of its analysts put out her washed-up Dems wish list. But the true icing on the cake came on October 15, as both Axios and Vox’s Mattyglesias™ simultaneously did a “Toobin” over the possibility of Biden having the “most diverse cabinet” EVER.

Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s Axios on the Justice Department alone:

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, former Georgia House minority leader Stacey Abrams and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are among those who may be considered to head the Justice Department.

And Vox’s headline gushed, “”The quest to build the most diverse Cabinet in US history.” Page someone for clean-up, won’t you?

But apparently, all’s not well in leftist Bidenville, as the NY Post reported in a September 8 piece titled, “Biden facing pushback from progressives over cabinet picks.” Awkward, if true.

Wednesday, Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden’s vice presidential running mate, mused about the “weird obsession” the president has of “wanting to get rid of” Obama-Biden policies. How exactly is that weird, Sen. Harris? She knows exactly what she’s doing here, and depends on her party’s base to get riled up with pretend, racial offenses (or fill-in-the-blank offense against any of the Dems’ chosen, special victim constituencies).

Do they have to shout it, people? Joe Biden is not going to be “president,” in the normal sense of the word. That was never the plan from the get-go.

Lastly, if Biden and his cadre of ne’er-do-wells from the squish wing of the Grand Old Party and the ghasty posse he rode in on actually secure the White House on November 3, the media’s going to look a lot more like the clip below (and God help us all, Republican and Democrat alike, if it does).

Be forewarned, as my Twitter friend Tony writes in his tweet:

[the following video is NSFW (coarse language): I’ll go even further and say that listening to Keith Olbermann expound on any topic is not suitable for anyone — man, woman, or child.]

Vote early, readers. And do not leave any quarter undefended in this election. America is counting on us!


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