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Gal Gadot (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Here we go…

I have an announcement for you, readers. From this point on, much of my work that will appear in the VIP area will fall under one theme: the theme of culture — you know, movies, music, and books — and anything else that strikes my fancy in the wider world of entertainment.

The topics that have interested me enough to write about at length have included forays into the “Superman” movie soundtrack, how we as Conservatives can best talk about culture (it’s not a war), and the music of ’80s heartthrob Corey Hart in the time of the coronavirus. I even wrote up a review of Nick Searcy’s latest movie, whom I also wrote about yesterday on his one-man “illegal walking” protest against L.A. and California’s insane restrictions on personal freedom.

Thus, this is probably not a huge surprise to anyone who regularly reads my work, either here in these special pages for subscribers or in my regular pieces at RedState. But it’s a sort of formalizing of the theme, with the addition of the “Higher Culture” tag that will precede each headline. At this point, I’m just trying that on for size; if it doesn’t end up fitting after a short while, maybe that could change. But, for now, I kinda dig it.

Now, you might be wondering: Will I still write about politics in VIP pieces? Sure! But more often than not, it’ll be about something in the culture but also relevant to the news that’s happening around us.

Now, you’re up to date! And when next Saturday rolls around, the usual, deep dive is what you’ll see in this space. Can’t wait to see you then!

Late Saturday, I gave a hint at this move towards culture by writing a purely-cultural article about actor David Lander, who passed away at age 73 on Friday. Readers might best remember him as “Squiggy,” one half of the constant duo Lenny and Squiggy, from the hugely-popular, ’80s sitcom “Laverne & Shirley.”

To go along with that, here’s a special video I found during my research for that piece. It’s the guys, in their musical foil Lenny & the Squigtones, performing two of their rock ‘n roll songs on the iconic “American Bandstand” in 1979. Sandwiched in between is an interview with the late, great Dick Clark.

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And look forward to next weekend’s VIP post. Stay tuned for that…