Watch: Nick Searcy Leads a One-Man 'Illegal Walking' Protest, and It Has People Laughing

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Are you tired of tuning into the news of the day, and instead of feeling informed or inspired to act, you’re left with ever-mounting bouts of despair vacillating with anger? I bet some of you are. Especially when those stories show small business owners in pain, as the government continues to grind them underfoot with needless, punitive quarantine rules like the restaurant owner in L.A. my colleague Kira Davis wrote about tonight.


No one’s enjoying things right now, even in places that allow more of the rights Americans safeguard with our Constitution. And it’s awful to feel down, as we turn towards the day Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in just a few weeks.

But, there’s no need to disengage from the fight. Here’s my suggestion: find something entertaining, which also qualifies as topical. And I think I found just the thing!

Many RedState readers know Nick Searcy as a bigtime movie and TV actor, or a movie director (I wrote a review of his most recent film, America, America, God Shed His Grace on Thee, back in October). And that he sometimes writes stories here.

But there’s another role Nick’s taken on recently: protestor.

On Thursday, Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom put in place a new order restricting “non-essential travel” (whatever that means). And as our Jennifer Oliver O’Connell wrote the same day, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti revised his own orders for citizens this week. And one of those directives was to avoid “unnecessary activity,” including non-essential walking.

This mom (who’s also a TV/screenwriter and bestselling author) illustrated the ridiculousness of the new rules:


These actions by Newsom and Garcetti inspired Nick to send a message, and protest…

…with an illegal walk — and he didn’t even have a mask on. (GASP)

As he says in the first video in what’s now a series of them, “Gavin Newsom and [Eric] Garcetti and all of these other, stupid Democrats are not going to stop me.”

Right on!

Day 1

I went for an illegal walk. You’ll never take me alive, ⁦@MayorOfLA

Friday marked Day 2 of the walk for freedom and stuff. Nick even started out wearing what Los Angeles requires for sojourning out of doors. Then he saw some other people walking towards him, wearing masks…

My illegal outdoor walk in Los Angeles Day 2. Thanks to @MayorOfLA for teaching me how to save other people’s Memaws.


Whew, they really found a way to stay safe from the Chinese virus.

What’s next for our intrepid protestor, Nick Searcy? He said, “I’m going to keep it up until I’m arrested.”

When I checked in with him privately, to see if he had anything else to impart, he added that, while this may be a walking protest now, he “might even work up to running” at some point.



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