Biden Acolytes Are Abuzz Over 'First All-Woman WH Comms Team,' They Forgot to Check in With Who's There Now

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If anyone is known for putting a foot firmly in her mouth on a regular basis, it’s Hillary Clinton. So naturally, after news broke on Sunday that the top roles in Joe Biden’s theoretical, White House press office would be made up of all women—for the first time ever—the former senator and first lady couldn’t resist sharing a feminist, virtue-signaling tweet about it on Monday morning.


She wrote:

For the first time in history, the White House communications staff will be led entirely by women.

And, of course, the lapdog media was ready to spread the Democrat party narrative as commanded, especially Brian Stelter and his cohort at CNN, as my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote earlier.

People like PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor were abuzz with the big, alleged milestone:

Brandon Morse brought out the ugly truth on what’s really going on here to light in his piece, too, reminding readers that Democrats and their media allies don’t consider Republican women’s successes as counting for “women.”

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany simply doesn’t believe the right way, which is as misogyist as ideas come, if you think about it. Happily, there are plenty of men on the right who don’t downplay women’s accomplishments based on their political beliefs. Brandon shared what one of those men, Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere, who has worked as a subordinate to a slew of women, while he’s been working at the White House, had to say.


S.T. also got in a solid, left hook on hacktastic, NYT White House correspondent Maggie Haberman about Judd, correctly stating:

Maybe you should have checked his Twitter feed before asking, you dishonest hack.

Now, in addition to McEnany and the other women who spoke up in those pieces, numerous women who currently lead communications for Pres. Trump’s administration are pushing back. And none of them are wilting wallflowers afraid to demand the respect they deserve.

Like Kristina Baum, who brings facts that are extremely inconvenient to the leftist narrative:

One of Judd’s fellow deputy press secretaries, Sarah Matthews, doesn’t mince words about the agenda in play, writing:

But apparently the achievements of GOP women don’t count in the eyes of the media…


Actually, we should thank the Left for its transparent attempts to “erase” women here. It gives away the game: their nonstop talk about women’s rights and pay, and “breaking the glass ceiling” are all for show. Progressives don’t care about women having power, any more than they care about gay or Black or Hispanic people having opportunities to succeed in America. They just care about accruing more power for themselves—and, as they’re in the process of showing, they’re willing to cheat to do it.



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