Former Dem Governor Rod Blogojevich Calls out Corruption in the 2020 Election

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As Americans await the full accounting of the votes (not ballots) legally cast in the 2020 presidential election held Tuesday, more and more questions are coming to light about the inconsistencies in how the process has played out in several battleground states that are crucial for President Trump to win and retain the White House.


In one of those states, Pennsylvania, election laws were changed by the state Supreme Court, courts had to force elections officials to allow GOP observers during the counting process, a SCOTUS justice had to weigh in on how mail-in ballots will be treated in the state, and an ongoing, Project Veritas investigation seems to show postal workers were instructed to backdate mail-in ballot postmarks. And those are just a tiny fraction of the stories RedState has covered on potential abnormalities in the election.

Now someone who’s in position to know how corruption in Democrat machine politics happens is speaking out.

Former Democratic governor Rod Blogojevich may be best known to readers as the Illinois politician who was convicted of trying to “sell” then-Senator Barack Obama’s seat, when Obama won the presidency in 2008.

But his sentence was commuted by President Trump in February, on the same day that 10 other people were granted clemency.

And during the 2020 general election cycle, he’s been outspoken about his break with the Democrat party, even hosting a regular podcast.

While it might surprise some people, Blogojevich has been out on the stump for the president, most recently on November 1st, at a Chicago rally sponsored by pro-police and black conservative supporters of Pres. Trump, according to the Illinois Review. And the former governor used some salty language to make a point about his former Democrat bedfellows:

Sunday, suburban Chicago Trump supporters heard former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich refer to Illinois Democrat leadership as “chickensh##” and to Democrat US Senator Dick Durbin as a “fence straddler” whose “ba### must hurt” due to that fence straddling.

“My Democratic has run away from the police, they’ve run away from the firefighters, because their chickensh## powers are afraid to stand up for the people who keep us safe,” Blagojevich shouted to hundreds on onlookers.

When one shouted “What about Dick Durbin?” Blagojevich shouted back, “What about Dick Durbin? What about that fence straddler? Dick Durbin straddles the fence so much his ba### must hurt.”


He added sheepishly: “I ain’t runnin’ for nothin’, I can talk like this, right?”

Now, in a new interview, Blogojevich sat down with NewsMax and didn’t mince words about what’s going on in Pennsylvania and other major, Democrat states during this election.

Here’s part of the interview:

Daily Caller:

“I know how they operate. They control polling places, they stop votes when their candidate is behind, and then in the wee hours, in the dark of night, the stealing starts.


My instincts tell me it’s going on in Atlanta, it’s going on in Detroit, it’s going on in Milwaukee, it’s going on in Las Vegas.”

And in a tongue-in-cheek quote that kicked off the interview, Blogojevich said, when asked point-blank if his former party is trying to steal votes in Philadelphia:

“Is the Pope Catholic?

It’s a time-honored tradition in big Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago, my hometown, Philadelphia, to do precisely what they’re doing.”

He added:

“They’re now stealing a presidency, and it’s incredibly dangerous to our democracy and our freedoms.

The American people should not stand for this. This is a critical moment in our history.”


If someone like Rod Blogojevich is able to see what’s going on and tell the world about it, then it seems obvious that GOP lawmakers should heed his warning. This election is not over, not until all legal votes are accounted for, period.

You can watch the full interview below, via NewsMaxTV:


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