Opinion: The Shy Trump Voter Showed Up

Remember when the Democrat Party tried to see how many D-list politicians it could fit into the primary clown car, instead of running an actual contest for its base to pick the presidential nominee of a major, U.S. political party?


They started out with more than two dozen primary candidates in 2020.

Here’s the list CBS News came up with:

Tom Steyer, Deval Patrick, Andrew Yang, Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Warren, Eric Swalwell, Joe Sestak, Bernie Sanders, Tim Ryan, Beto O’Rourke, Wayne Messam, Jay Inslee, Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, John Hickenlooper, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Mike Gravel, John Delaney, Julián Castro, Pete Buttigieg, Steve Bullock, Cory Booker, Joe Biden, Bill de Blasio, Michael Bennet, and Michael Bloomberg

Do you remember even half of those people? Were there some whom you’ve never even heard of? Me, too.

But, after careful consideration and an insane number of debates, the Democrats’ voters picked former Vice President Joe Biden. Isn’t that how the fairy tale goes?

The truth is, as many reading this are old enough to remember, Biden was not doing well in the primary season until South Carolina. And even then, he needed a leg up. But to distract its voters, the Democrats did something rather clever: it portrayed itself as the Baskin-Robbins of the political Left. Everyone gets their favorite flavor, just sign on! After they were committed to “Blue No Matter Who,” though, everyone got vanilla Joe Biden. (And, like in any, respectable commune, everyone gets only one scoop.)

I previously wrote a VIP piece about people who fall outside the party lines, people who call or consider themselves Independents. People like actress Kirstie Alley, former Hillary Clinton voter Ken Bone, and former Libertarian Party presidential aspirant Austin Petersen.


But today’s Democrat Party insists that people like this don’t exist—people who don’t march in perfect lockstep ideologically with them. They all want what’s best for the Borg collective. The reason they can get away with this is any heretics are left out in the wilderness to die.

Now that we’re in the post-election, litigation stage of the 2020 election, I’ve decided to take a moment to pause and reflect on where we are. And the Democrats are in a very bad way.

I can’t help but think there’s a large number of these heretics in what some have called the “shy Trump” voter pool. People who, in this case, don’t want to be treated as outcasts or risk losing their job or their business, simply because of who they chose to vote for. Like this voter, who tried to explain to a Dem True Believer that the Democrats haven’t won, and they will continue to lose if they keep twisting the meaning of the word “tolerance” (I highly recommend reading the whole thread).

They wrote on Saturday:

lol im not even on the right I voted Obama twice and I was a Bernie bro until the DNC robbed him in 2016. According to leftists Supporting Trump turned me into a nazi alt right whatever even though I have the same views I always had weird how that works. I just love America.:



If you look back at my independents piece, all three of the people I wrote about said something similar. They love America, whatever differences they might have politically with other Americans. I’m not sure all leftists can say the same thing.

As I see it, this is yet another reason Democrats knew they had to ramp up the cheating this time. They couldn’t be sure they had all of those people who wanted Liz Warren ice cream or Senator Salad Fork ice cream or Spartacus Ice Cream or Mayor Pete ice cream.

And they certainly were wary that “Bernie bros,” who had been thrown under the bus twice by the Democrat establishment, might not fall in line for Joe Biden on November 3rd.

There are thousands, maybe millions of people like this across America. They have a beef with the Donkeys. And, based on the record number of ballots cast, they didn’t sit home.


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