Actor Makes Ridiculous Comparison Between Antifa and AZ Capitol Protestors

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Over the past several months, RedState readers have become familiar with the “protests” we’ve reported on across the country from Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Many of these so-called “peaceful protests” have involved looting, mayhem, and violence.


Now, in the wake of the 2020 election, Americans who support President Donald Trump have gathered in protest of either the improper or sloth-like speed of counting ballots in several battleground states, including Arizona. And the Left is having a total freak out about it.

One of those showing consternation over Wednesday night’s march near the state capitol in downtown Phoenix is actor Mark Ruffalo. And as misguided entertainers are wont to do, he managed to beclown himself in the process.

He wrote:

Cut to Arizona where there are armed white people threatening to disrupt counting votes and state volunteers. Not a damn thing happening to them. Priorities of America in total disarray. This is what we are going to address family. This apartheid system.

Wait, what? There are a couple issues with both Ruffalo’s remarks and the video he posted. The most pressing one is the insinuation about the people taking part in the protests. The actor calls them “armed white people threatening to disrupt counting votes and state volunteers.” Now, Arizona is an open carry state. That means, you can legally carry a gun in full view of other people in public. His not knowing (or caring) about that fact disqualifies anything else he has to say. But that wasn’t all he said, of course. The purpose of the protest was to allow people to make their voices heard, at a moment when they feel they’re being silenced at the ballot box.


The last point, which is a weird one for Ruffalo (who is white) to make, is about the supposed mob of white people. As we’ve seen from the election returns so far, Pres. Trump appeals to a wider swath of the American people than the Left would like you to believe. It’s a gambit that only works on their true believers, who think white people are the cause of all problems in the world. So, no, this was not the case. Besides, take a look at his video. I see an awful lot of white people fighting police, don’t you?

Of course, if Ruffalo thinks this is anything like apartheid, he needs to crack open a history book. What a disgusting comparison!

What exactly were the Arizona protestors doing then, if not causing a ruckus?

They were praying. And there were also reports of the crowd singing the national anthem.

Yet, the leftists want people to think this behavior deserves the same treatment as BLM or Antifa:

Meanwhile, this was the “peaceful” activity Ruffalo apparently supports, which my colleague Bonchie wrote about earlier today:


But many people on Twitter get it:

And the ironic part is that, according to at least one person checking out images of the event, this wasn’t “an armed mob” at all:

I’ve got more bad news for the leftists, too: Wednesday’s event wasn’t a one-off. Not only are some protestors at Arizona GOP headquarters at this hour:


But there’s another rally on Friday, as this flyer shared by newly-reelected, AZ Republican congresscritter Paul Gosar shows:


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