Watch: Woman Spits In Officer's Face at 'Protest,' Gets All the 'Fascist' She Can Handle

Screen capture from Twitter video by Daily Caller

Even with Joe Biden being the favorite to pull out the election right now (and not necessarily by legitimate means), left-wingers aren’t going away peacefully. Of course, who ever expected them to? We’ve been opining at RedState for a long time that none of this was going to end with the senile old man being elected president, if he’s elected president.


Sure enough, riots, violence, and “protests” have already broken out in places like Portland and New York. You know, those bastions of right-wing Trump supporters or something. One woman pushed her luck just a bit too far though.

If you can’t watch the video, what you see is a snarling crazy woman yelling obscenities at a police officer, including calling him a “F****** Fascist.” He asks her to step back and she then has the bright idea to spit in his face. That was a move she immediately regretted, as the officer yanks her to the ground and arrests her.

Some are claiming this was excessive use of force, but no, you don’t get to spit in an officer’s face, especially during a pandemic, and not end up thrown to the ground with the cuffs on. There are lines and left-wingers continually cross them in an effort to incite the police. In this case, she got all the “fascist” she could handle in response.


As I noted, none of this insanity is going to stop with Joe Biden in charge. It’s only going to escalate because these groups will be emboldened and because they will feel even more angry when the Democrats aren’t able to do what they want because of a GOP Senate standing in the way. So get ready for more fire, and I mean that quite literally.

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