Opinion: Never Mind "Hidin' Biden"; Where's Kamala?

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., walks onto the stage before a Democratic presidential primary debate, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)


On Wednesday, RedState’s own Sister Toldjah shared an emerging narrative among our friends on the Left: not only is there growing concern about former Vice President Joe Biden’s haphazard campaigning, but now they’re scarcely able to conceal concerns over Veep candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D- Calif.)’s willingness to put in the work necessary to win.

Vodkapundit, Stephen Green, wrote Thursday in our sister publication PJ Media:

Tired Joe Biden has already been put out to pasture by his own campaign and he isn’t even president yet. If that weren’t enough, Democratic veep nominee Kamala Harris is dodging the press like I used to drop third-period French.

We’re on the 24th day of September, and the Biden campaign has “called a lid” on Punxsutawney Joe making any “further” appearances today for the ninth time this month.

You may have heard the Left’s lame excuse for “Hidin’ Biden,” well, hiding Thursday — often delivered with a haughty attitude even John Kerry could be proud of: “He already told people days ago he would be doing debate prep, ugh!” One person even shared a Fox News link about it with me.

But you’ve heard enough on that, I reckon. My question is: “Where’s Kamala Harris?” Surely she wasn’t practicing up for her sole debate against Vice President Pence in early October. Notice that the media was completely consumed with defending Biden’s AWOL act — and no one was asking about his running mate’s whereabouts. Why the lid for Harris, too?


As The Hill’s media critic Joe Concha put it in a tweet shared in S.T.’s piece, “There hasn’t been a more invisible vice presidential candidate in history than Kamala Harris.”

Indeed. The vice presidential nominee of one of the major, U.S. political parties hasn’t held a press conference since she was chosen by the then-presumptive nominee for the Democrat presidential nomination. Just a reminder: that was August 19th — 43 days, through September 24th.

Concha tweeted this on Wednesday, also:

What little Harris did say on Thursday, in a morning tweet, was more of the same ranting rhetoric pulled straight from the Marxist, BLM playbook on about racial injustice, after the single charge announced against a Louisville police officer failed to satisfy the rioting mob, because it didn’t include the name “Breonna Taylor.” If you take a moment to think about it, it’s shameful. Harris has never been shy to tout her career as a high-ranking law enforcement official, yet her response to the results of a potentially combustible legal case contains no mention — not even a smidgen — of reverence or respect for that justice system she was very much a part of. That tells Americans more than she might realize about how she would govern as part of a Biden administration.


There’s also this for Democrats to consider: if she ends up being the “shadow president,” with Biden as a placeholder, do they really want someone who — blatantly — shows she’s not a team player? It’s a concept many Americans get; you’ve likely felt that keenly at your own workplace — whether several of your co-workers are out sick or on a vacation. The Wuhan coronavirus has put a strain on things, too. Regardless, the work is still there to do, no matter how many hands are on deck, right?

Political campaigns have a hard deadline, a ticking clock that starts the moment a candidate announces — or, as in Harris’ case, nominated. If your candidate doesn’t look like he or she is willing to put in the time to handle the job, why should any Americans show up in November to vote for them?

So, what are your thoughts? Leave your comments in the area below!

Editor’s note: this article was edited after publication. It was incorrectly stated that Harris has not held a media availability since she was nominated by the Democrat party. In fact, it’s been longer than that; she hasn’t held a press conference since Biden picked her as his running mate. That was indeed 43 days ago, at the time of publication.


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