Scott Presler Dropped a Subtle Hint: May's "Pickup" Event Boasts a Special Guest

CREDIT: Scott Presler Facebook Page

You wouldn’t be exaggerating if you said the state of Georgia has been in the news a bunch recently. Now, we can add one more tidbit to the growing pile of Georgia happenings.


Trash pickup organizer extraordinaire Scott Presler took to his Twitters account on Earth Day (which, if you missed it, was Thursday) to announce his  next “cleanup” event will take place next Saturday, May 1:

And if you’re aware of Presler’s generous volunteer work aimed at building bridges of community, you know it’s more than just a few Fritos chip bags picked up off the ground. My RedState colleagues have covered his work in disparate places like Baltimore right after the Freddie Gray acquittal, Los Angeles last September, and many, other U.S. cities, which he gave an update on in October.

Even in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco.

While San Fran Nan invited people to party it up at street festivals and indulged in fancy, frozen desserts:



If what Presler’s up to sound like your bag, you can sign up to take part as a volunteer for the Atlanta cleanup event.

Now, you may have noticed Presler dropped a mighty big hint in his announcement tweet: that a local politician will be joining himself and conservative activist C.J. Pearson on May 2.

And every indication points to that “local state rep” being just one person:

Call it a hunch.

You can watch the Daily Signal’s short video on Presler’s fulfilled promise to clean up Baltimore here:

What do you think? Will Vernon Jones be Presler’s special guest at the Atlanta event? Leave your guesses in the comment area below.


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