Katy Tur Slips up on Kim Jong Un Report, Red Steeze Calls Her Out


Katy Tur

As a reporter, there’s always a risk you might jump the gun and report something before it’s ready for prime time.

NBC News’ Katy Tur did just that Monday night — and managed to do it on the one story able to overshadow COVID-19.


As our Joe Cunningham shared, several news outlets broke a report that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s life may be
in “grave danger”:

Joe told readers what scant details were available.

But Tur, shall we say, got over her skis in a newsy tweet. Then tried to cover her tracks by deleting it.

Big mistake, when Red Steeze (the other Stephen Miller) is around:

But Miller wasn’t done skewering Tur:

Sadly, it wasn’t the first time Tur has dropped the ball when it comes to facts. The author of a NY Times bestselling book on the Trump campaign, she’s known to go lightly on the truth. In fact, you only have to look back to February for the last instance.

As my colleague Bonchie noted, there are more than a few things wrong with this tweet (which has been removed) :

Katy Tur: “When I ask people if they’re voting for [POTUS], I hear about their 401(k)s a lot … but there are those out that who don’t have a 401(k) [and] this economy is not really working for them.”

“They can get a car, but it’s a loan that will take 30 years.”

Thirty years?

Then, Tur had what was apparently a banner year in 2018, with curious missteps caught by both the Washington Free Beacon and our pals at Twitchy.


In the former case, she mistook fireworks in the background of a remote interview for warfare. Not even kidding.

As the Free Beacon wrote:

Tur was asking her guests–NBC journalists Matt Bradley in Gaza and Ayman Mohyeldin in Jerusalem–to respond to Shah’s statement when fireworks started going off in the background. Tur quickly paused her question to ask ask if the noise was the violence in Gaza.

“Is that, Matt Bradley? Is that shelling?” Tur asked.

Mohyeldin had to – gently – break the news to her that it wasn’t.

But the latter case couldn’t be more relevant in these days of constant attacks by the mainstream media on any media outlet that gives Pres. Trump half a chance. Tur showed that she’s just another hack here:

While it looks like Tur isn’t the only one getting into the game…

It should hold us until Katie Tur makes another, embarrassing mistake.


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