California Republican Wins State Senate Seat With - YES! - Hispanic Support [Promoted]

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I will not write too much myself, but the Republican establishment needs to pay attention to this election.



As Breitbart News had previously reported, though, “Vidak, a working class candidate, resonated with working class Hispanics in the district who also saw how coastal California elites were not putting their bread-and-butter interests first.”

Vidak ran broadly on “the bifurcation of California: the coastal liberal elites versus the Valley folks.” On a more local level, Vidak’s theme of “fish versus farmer” resonated with Democrats in a District where the unemployment rate is 15% and as high as 30% in some communities in the District. Vidak reminded voters that liberal environmentalists, in order to protect fish, only allowed farmers to receive 20% of their water allocation, crippling the region’s economy.


(My emphasis above.)

So a farmer – in classic American tradition – shows the pusillanimous Republican elites, who have thrown up their hands and despaired and decided to become more like their opponents, how to win an election with the odds supposedly stacked against him.

Expect to read all kinds of “analyses” as to why this election is meaningless: a “special election” in an area “not representative” of anything but itself, etc. etc. etc.

The picture of Reagan in the article says it all: EXPLAIN YOUR IDEAS CLEARLY! Don’t apologize for wanting America to be the best country on the planet: invite people to become more prosperous by tossing out the demonstrably destructive ideas from the Leftists.

Let us hope this becomes a trend not just in California, but across the land!


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