Devin Nunes Talks Impeachment But It's Not About Donald Trump

The phrase, “May you live in interesting times” often gets confused as a gesture similar to that of “Good luck” or similar terms. The fact is, it is a translation of an ancient Chinese curse. While appearing as a blessing, it is ironic in that it expresses a sentiment of living in a world of chaos and disorder. Welcome to the political world where President Donald Trump sets the tone for our political discourse.


The country is nearly 18 months into a Trump presidency with GOP control of Congress, and yet, instead of Sunday talk shows filled with conversations about health care policy, dealing with entitlements and other pressing issues, the government plods along. We have President Trump tweeting like a madman (with John Kelly seemingly nowhere around), raids on Trump-fixer Michael Cohen’s office, discussions about payoffs to porn actresses and warnings from members of Congress to President Trump about his impulse to want to terminate Robert Mueller.

Now comes the news that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes expressed the possibility of impeachment — of Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Watch this:

First of all, it’s astounding that this bumpkin somehow managed to wrangle his way into the chair of such an influential committee (Don’t get me wrong, Adam Schiff is Nunes’s ideological asshat opposite). Nunes has zero military experience or intelligence background. Everything he did before getting elected to Congress was in the field of agriculture. Now he fancies himself as a crusader for justice when all he’s doing is playing a shield for Donald Trump.


So what is Nunes’ latest verbal diarrhea related to this time? He doesn’t like that the FBI is taking too long to produce documents:

Nunes told Fox News that he was ready to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in contempt of Congress for failing to provide documents related to the 2016 counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in the election and possible ties to the Trump campaign.

Nunes even appeared to give a deadline of Wednesday evening, warning it “will get really complicated” after that.

Nunes sets ridiculous arbitrary deadlines and then flaps his gums about contempt of Congress citations and impeachment.

First of all, there’s not a chance in the bloody pit of Hades that Nunes will convince enough members of Congress that Christopher Wray deserves to get impeached. Second, how stupid would it look for Nunes to try and impeach Trump’s hand-picked choice to replace James Comey?

The reality is, Nunes is not serious because he’s not a serious person. He aims his rhetoric at the hard-core Trump base, and they love it. But Rosenstein and Wray are not going anywhere and will likely have their jobs long after Nunes leaves town.



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