Democratic Whining Over The Shutdown Is Fun To Watch Because They're Losing and They Know It

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

It’s difficult, if not impossible to defend much of the antics by President Trump. That said, it’s hard not to admire his fearlessness at times. Trump just doesn’t care what others think of him when he does something. A perfect example would be his announcement of moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. People freaked, and he simply didn’t care.


Whether or not the hardball tactics Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are employing against Democrats comes from watching Trump or knowing they hold particular cards because a Republican sits in the White House doesn’t matter. The fact is, they are playing hardball and Democrats are shocked Republicans are not wilting under pressure.

Republicans in the House passed a continuing resolution that included funding for CHIP that extends six years. Democrats wanted DACA protections in the CR. When Republicans refused, Democrats voted against the CR.

Let that sink in: Democrats voted against a bill that contained spending provisions they agreed with 100 percent.

Mitch McConnell’s staff has been on top of the social media game:

They came up with a new one:

Republicans did their research, going back to 2013 to find this gem. Charles Schumer talking about using immigration reform as a means of shutting down the government.


Which is precisely what they did on Friday. 

Democratic members of Congress, operatives and talking heads are freaking out. Media outlets such as The New York Times, The Associated Press and Reuters characterized as one caused by Democrats and they’re right. The CR requires 60 votes. 44 Democrats in the Senate voted against it. That means 90 percent of Democrats voted against a bill, the contents of which, they supported. 

Republicans, not Democrats are finally controlling the narrative.

Democrats are losing the debate. And they know it.


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