Wow! Jake Tapper Asks Doug Jones If Trump Should Resign Over Sexual Harassment Allegations (VIDEO)

Everybody knows the Democrats’ calling for Senator Al Franken to resign had little to do with recriminations for his behavior, but instead, politics. By forcing his resignation, Democrats gained the upper hand in the sexual harassment morality wars.


Naturally, the moment they called for Franken to resign, some of those same Democrats said Donald Trump had to quit. After all, if accusations were good enough for Franken, why not the president?

That’s what Jake Tapper asked Doug Jones on State of The Union coming off his victory over Roy Moore in Alabama:

Tapper: Do you agree with Senator Booker, that president trump should resign because of these allegations?

Jones: You know, Jake, where I am on that right now is that those allegations were made before the election, and so people had an opportunity to judge before that election. I think we need to move on and not get distracted by those issues. Let’s get on with the real issues that are facing people of this country right now, and I don’t think that the President ought to resign at this point. We’ll see how things go. but certainly those allegations are not new, and he was elected with those allegations front and center.

Granted, he left the “at this point” caveat in there, but I doubt many Democrats expected Jones to take this position.


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