Media Hypes Tom Steyer's Impeachment Petition Signatures But So What?

I think it’s a safe bet to say if Democrats take control of the House of Representatives after the 2018 election, they will impeach President Trump. The chances of his removal from office are slim to none. That said, Democrats will still do it, laughing while Trump rage-tweets.


The entire exercise will be a farce, but it hasn’t stopped the press from breathlessly talking about billionaire leftist Tom Steyer’s efforts to impeach the president. Steyer launched an ad campaign, spending $10 million on television ads, including running it during the World Series. Andrea wrote about it if you want to watch for a laugh. Steyer stars in the commercial and attempts to make the case Trump is so dangerous, and Congress must impeach and remove Trump from office.

Still, the ad has the effect Steyer wanted.

No, Trump is not any closer to getting impeached, but Steyer managed to get one million people to sign the petition. What that means is, Steyer now has a mailing list with one million email addresses.

The entire exercise is a colossal waste of time for anybody who thinks these petitions matter. That Steyer has over a million signatures means little in the scheme of things. First of all, the bulk of the signers are Democrats. They’re likely already making phone calls and sending emails to their congressional representatives urging impeachment.


For impeachment to happen, Republicans will have to do it and no matter how many articles of impeachment Democrats write up looking to kick Trump out of office for “collusion” it will not happen.

But that won’t matter. As Steyer continues to get signatures for the petition, the media will be there, acting as though it’s important when it means nothing except to hyper-partisans who have been calling for Trump’s impeachment the moment he finished taking the oath of office.


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