The Greatest of All Virtues

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Guys, I’m convinced.

After reading Grant Stinchfield’s brilliant post today in the Federalist, in which he characterizes everyone who continues to oppose Donald Trump as whining, elitist, power-hungry crybabies who wouldn’t know a good thing if it bit us on the ass, I’m forced to conclude that he is right.


After all, Donald Trump ran a totally fair and honest campaign in which he was granted no undue advantage. Moreover, The People™ have spoken, and if history has taught us anything, it’s that large groups of angry, ill-informed people can never be fooled by anyone.

Sure, Donald Trump praises murderous dictators. Sure, he changes his positions with the same frequency with which one might change dirty diapers, and nearly always for the same reason. Sure, he is a living embodiment of everything we in the Tea Party said that we were standing against way, way back in 2010.

But he won, guys. And when you really get down to it, the measure of a person or idea isn’t based in intellectual honesty, consistency, or love of truth or liberty – no, the greatest of all virtues is winning.

I bet you feel bad for mocking Charlie Sheen now, don’t you?

My fellow #NeverTrump-ers, this is a time for sober reflection; indeed, Mr. Stinchfield has shown us the error of our ways, and for this we are truly indebted to him. Let us take a moment to ponder the following passage from the Book of Revelation, in which John the Revelator truly saw our time:


5 And upon her forehead was a name written, HILLARY THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

6 And the angel said unto me, I will show thee of the coming of the one destined to stand against her.  For behold, it shall come to pass that on the eve of her ascension to power, there shall come a man great of mouth and possessed of wealth. He will want the same things as Hillary, and will show an equal willingness to accumulate power through dishonesty; yea, and he will also beget violence and suppression upon those who oppose him; but lo, if the righteous do not enthusiastically support him, they shall be cast out.

7 And I said unto him, How can this be? Are not the doings of Hillary a great evil? How can a man whose desires and methods match hers be better?

8 And the angel replied, Behold, it must be so, for the evil of the Mother of Abominations lies not in her desires, but in her person itself. She is not a partaker of evil, but the source thereof; therefore, if she is vanquished, evil will cease to exist and America shall be great again.

(Don’t come crying to me if that’s not in your Bible. This is what you evangelical types get for using those new-fangled modern translations – you miss things.)


Guys, this is no time to hold firm to our principles. Now that Trump has been crowned Supreme Ruler of All We Hold Dear, it is incumbent upon all of us who have consistently and rationally opposed him to toss all that aside, bend to peer pressure, and kiss the ring. Nothing good has ever come from people of conscience sticking to their guns in the face of overwhelming opposition from multiple sides; no one praises the fool who demands that his own side live up to their own values. There are no historical accolades for those who refuse to replace one tyrant with another.

Remember, people like that usually lose.

And the greatest of all virtues is winning.



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