MOTR, Ep. 45: Have You Noticed, You're Not Living as Long These Days?

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There’s an old story about a UCLA health study that found those people who exercised for an hour at least four times a week and those couch potatoes who didn’t bother all died the same number of times.

So, what’s the point?

However, judging by all the attention I’m seeing devoted to exercise, more nutritional eating of even faux meat, and admonitions about adequate sleep, people in general these days are desirous of living longer. Imagine that.

Turns out, however, we’re not living longer. All those sweaty hours at the gym or with those annoyingly peppy Peloton coaches have failed.

The average lifespan of Americans has declined the last two years. And we’re all now back to living the same length of time as those poor people way back in the late 20th century.

No, we can’t blame the Clintons. The how and why of that surprising development is what I explore in this week’s audio commentary. You should listen to it while you still can.



This week’s column examined the amazing events of Joe Biden’s careless care of Classified documents he was not authorized to possess after his pointless eight years as vice president with Barack Obama.

There appears to be much more to this mysterious tale involving son Hunter Biden and the secret documents’ unexplained circumstances. I imagine I’ll be writing more about this latest Joe Biden screw-up soon.

The most recent audio commentary was No. 44 and revealed Joe Biden’s latest broken promise — well, there may have been a few more since.

It concerns the president’s vow to start refilling the nation’s emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which Biden has intentionally drained to its lowest point in 40 years without an emergency. Biden doesn’t care. The Secret Service will be buying his gas as long as he’s around.

That refill effort was allegedly to begin this month. But now it’s at least postponed. Til next month. And the month after. And…

The excuse is that no oil supplier was willing to accept Biden’s artificially low price. Why should they take $70 a barrel when others will pay $76?

This is a convenient blame-shift that lets the Democrat once again intentionally increase the nation’s energy vulnerability by damaging supply, as Biden’s been ostentatiously doing since his first day in office.

Reminder: The businessman Donald Trump was steadily filling the nation’s oil reserve at low prices, often in the $38-$40 range.

Biden sold off more than 180 million barrels of those energy savings at $96 a barrel. A nice profit, even for a Democrat, that netted the U.S. Treasury more than $18 billion.

Now, Biden won’t pay $76 to start the refill.



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