MOTR, Ep. 38: One by One, Joe Biden Is Undoing Donald Trump's Advances

Joe Biden in Nantucket. (Credit: RNC/Twitter)

My grandmother used to describe life’s inexplicable mysteries as puzzlements. “Now, that’s a puzzlement,” she’d say.

It was a delightful expression from the 1800’s that deserves revival for today’s political scene. Puzzlements were not susceptible to easy explanation. So, she’d comment with a derisive head shake and shrug.

Joe Biden is many things, which we write about often here, here, and here at this premier conservative commentary site. (I can say that because I’ve written elsewhere.) Addled. Arrogant. Demented. Lost. (See photo above.)

But Joe Biden is also a puzzlement. He has one bizarre consistency, which is the subject of my commentary here. It’s a puzzlement I’m beginning to decipher, however.

These regular audios are not lectures, you know. I’m just sharing thoughts and hoping they generate some of yours to share with me and others. I’ll be interested to read your theories in the Comments below.

This week’s column seemed to resound with many. While Donald Trump already announced his 2024 candidacy, it’s still way too early for pronouncements. So, I wanted to set the scene on what we can expect politically in the next half-year or so, on the conservative side anyway.

We posted two audio commentaries over the recent holiday. One was a very personal story on a beloved little guy who taught me an important lesson.

And the other audio commentary was on Joe Biden’s suspicious, defiant refusal to comply with an inspector general’s information request on the president spending $1.1 billion in Afghanistan AFTER his deadly exit debacle last year.

That’s a huge amount of taxpayer dollars to hand out to someone(s) in a war-torn country we’re supposed to be well out of. Remember, Biden was part of the administration that gave away hundreds of millions of dollars in pallets of cash to Iran as advance payment for a phony nuclear pact.

So, the legal request by an inspector general created by a Democrat Congress 14 years ago is an understandable one, and Biden’s defiance is predictably arrogant and, well, a suspicious puzzlement.

I’ve been a chronic user of Twitter since its early days. I love tweets. They’re like electronic sticky notes. (Did you know sticky notes were actually an attempt to create a super-strong glue that failed?)

So, I find the ongoing saga of the eclectic Elon Musk’s reinvention of that amazing institution to be fascinating, especially as chronicled by my astute RedState colleagues here, here, and here. And here and here.

Please remember to share this post and leave your Comments below to avoid any more puzzlements for me.


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