Malcolm on the Right Commentary, Ep.7: Our National Moving Experience

Jasper Moving Truck (Credit: Andrew Malcolm)

This is a little different commentary this week, less politics and more demographics.

Americans are on the move from high tax states to red states, especially the nine without a state income tax. A tenth is on the way.

These are shorter, bite-sized commentaries of three, maybe four minutes. Because, I don’t like podcasts that drone on for many miles. Let us know what you think in the Comments. We’re young enough to make adjustments.

Well, the commentary series is young enough; this is just No. 7. Me, I’m not so sure.

Here’s last week’s commentary, No. 6, our national unity through shared anxiety over you-know-who.

And this week’s regular column, a humorous look at one of our cultural icons and how I attempted a description to some immigrants. I’m laughing now. Back then, not so much.

And here’s where you can find all of my RedState posts, many VIP, but not all.

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