The Hidden New Danger in Joe Biden's Reign of Error

We haven’t even crawled across the first anniversary of his inauguration. But already pretty much everyone knows in their heart, if not their head yet, that Joe Biden is a complete and utter disaster as president of the United States of America.

They may not admit it to others. See social media where even his supporters are struck mute by this silent realization. They may not acknowledge it to family or friends, so invested are they in their vote against you-know-who.

With the most helpful of liberal intentions and least journalistic honesty, media cover some of the 79-year-old’s stumbles and inexplicable outbursts as if it’s normal to lie and deceive time after time in public. And then, given new distractions by Biden, they quickly pick them up and drop the bad news.

Here we are in what Biden has promised will be a winter of “severe illness and death.” It is totally terrifying to think even briefly about how this ominous chapter in the nation’s electoral history plays out in the (OMG!) 26,400 hours left in his last term. It doesn’t sound much better to say it’s only 1,100 days.

As badly as Biden performed in office throughout 2021, that could be just a warmup to the disasters coming down the road as our foreign opponents seek advantage on a weak leader and his seemingly paralyzed people. As Russia is doing now with Ukraine and China could follow suit soon overtaking Taiwan. And then there’s North Korea now testing hypersonic missiles at 10 times the speed of sound.

Do you want to think about that? Me neither. No one does. Donald Trump went on one of his punch-back tirades and the nation’s entire media establishment speculated on what awful things that could mean long-term for the country, the Atlantic alliance, and the world at large.

Joe Biden can’t coherently read a teleprompter, recall the name of an appointee standing right next to him, and flies to Martin Luther King’s hometown to casually give one of the most hateful, race-baiting speeches in modern presidential history.

Joe Biden has turned out to be the great unifier alright. He’s got most everyone silently agreeing that he’s demented. Where is the universal condemnation of these acts, this behavior, and that divisive man who lies so easily and blithely?

And therein lies the emerging danger of this 46th aberrant presidency. Just as various forms of flu and COVID variants are becoming everyday endemic in our lives, we are as a society coming to accept this amazingly incompetent president as endemically part of our shared national life.

The excuse: What can anyone do about it, right? The media, which was handed its constitutional protections to hold accountable officials on all sides, is certainly doing little to question the dangerous situation. Democrats in Congress know many of them are about to be evicted in midterm elections come November. They’re not going to point out the emperor’s invisible attire.

And those faceless Biden handlers in the White House, the ones who tell him where to stand, what to say and when to walk away and dodge questions, their clutch on power and even Jill Biden’s position are totally dependent on propping up the old guy as long as they can get away with it.

How can helpless citizens escape this depressing political reality? After years of controversy and slumping viewers, the National Football League is enjoying one of its most closely-watched seasons ever. The good guys and bad guys struggle on those fields, and after three hours of athletic violence, there’s resolution, a clear winner.

The Hallmark Channel has enjoyed record viewership in recent months, especially but not exclusively among women, with movies that have outcomes as predictable as Wile E. Coyote’s schemes, only Hallmark’s are happy.

Many remain hesitant to escape on a plane trip still, as the man who said he had a plan to “shut down the virus” didn’t and hasn’t. Except to criticize his predecessor who bequeathed him the ready-made vaccines in record time.

It’s always somebody else’s fault with Joe Biden. The man is a lifelong pol, living off taxpayers almost his entire professional life. You have to wonder how observant and attentive were Delaware voters all those years.

Biden is so insecure and/or dim that he’s incapable of realizing how forgiving and how much credit Americans are prepared to award a leader who at least appears to be humble, admits mistakes, seeks support.

Biden could say:

Look, folks, like most people at the beginning I had no idea how canny and evil this new virus is. All of us, including yours truly, underestimated it. I apologize for that. We’re all thankful that President Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed to get us the vaccines ASAP.

I want to appeal to vaccine opponents to reconsider. I understand your fears. Everything new like these last two years can be confusing, especially when you can’t actually see the enemy. But they are the best way we have so far to limit its spread. It’s not perfect. Nothing is.

I pledge to do everything in my power to defeat this virus and any other variants likely to come along. As a country, we’ve defeated powerful enemies before. And we’ll do it this time. I’m sorry for the intemperance some of you saw in my actions to push inoculations. It was out of genuine concern for Americans’ health.

I intend to do better in coming days. And I hope you will join me in this team effort.

But, of course, Joe Biden’s handlers won’t have him say anything like that. So, we are left with the bitterness and rampant divisiveness spawned by hatred of the loudmouth Trump that led enough Americans to vote against him, thereby sending this unqualified schlump into the Oval Office. And by bitter divisions over Trump’s incompetent successor.

Trump has not helped the situation with an obstinate inability to accept the 2020 results, even during his latest rally.

But Biden has exacerbated the nation’s bipartisan bitterness with his pride, ignorance, and casual cruelties. His blithe printing of more money. And his stubborn, wishful belief that a 50:50 Senate and the slimmest of House majorities entitle him to ignore political and economic realities and attempt fundamental radical changes in American life.

Hopefully, barring any cataclysm or Americans’ short-term memory loss (it’s possible), Joe Biden and his deaf party will reap the whirlwind come voters’ decisions on Nov. 8.

Meanwhile, we cannot allow ourselves to become accustomed to and comfortable with this dolt in office, to wince at his incoherence and rampant stupidities and let them pass. That’s what that crowd is counting on.

“Oh, it’s just goofy ol’ Uncle Joe.” That’s been his crutch and excuse for decades. Too dangerous now. Because Uncle Joe has a quick temper — and the nuclear launch codes.


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