Joe Biden to Ban Cash Bail for Violent Criminals -- in the Interest of ‘Equity,’ You See

This Biden-Pelosi-Obama crowd is a tricky cast of characters that likes to tuck surprise goodies into immense legislation, hoping no one spots them until it’s too late.


Remember Nancy Pelosi back in 2010 saying the House had to pass the 2,500-plus page ObamaCare bill in order to see what was in it? So, we could just take Barack Obama’s word that if you liked your doctor and health plan, you could keep them.

This year, with a complicit and/or oblivious Joe Biden in the White House, Pelosi’s tax-happy House has slipped into legislation a pilot study to tax all American drivers by the actual miles they each drive, in addition to the per-gallon gas tax. That would require a mileage meter tracking where every vehicle goes every mile.

Then there’s the plan to tax capital gains when they appear on your statement, even before you sell that investment and actually get the profit.

Now, what’s just come out is a Joe Biden plan to abolish cash bail for violent suspects. No, seriously. Because, you know, why would any accused murderer skip town?

Some of you reactionaries may miss the equity issue here. Accused violent criminals, many black and poor, have had to post large bail to gain freedom, while the rest of us don’t. See?

Joe Biden has noticed his public job approval cratering for some time now. So, he’s going all-in to keep progressive support.

Biden’s used the same thinking with the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who’ve flowed across the southern border since he took office. Just get them into the country, un-vetted and unmasked. Bus or fly them around to dozens of states. We’ll get to them later. Trust us. Why would any hide anywhere?


Biden’s newest gimmick slithered out this week as part of his 42-page National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality. The administration is claiming it’s the first of its kind, which doesn’t make something necessarily wise. There are often good reasons why such plans have not been attempted before. But who cares? It sounds good splashed across friendly media.


Here’s how Joe Biden explains it in the report:

We are also committed to increasing federal oversight and accountability for police departments and prosecutors’ offices to address systemic misconduct, including gender bias and sexual misconduct.

And we will work to end cash bail and reform our pretrial system, recognizing the harm these processes cause, particularly for Black women and families.

This latest cockamamie Joe Biden idea comes as violent crime has surged high on the list of Americans’ serious concerns, even fears. Last year’s murder number totaled 21,500 nationally, 77 percent involving guns. That’s almost 60 homicides per day every day all year.

That’s an increase of 5,000 in one year over 2019, the largest annual increase in U.S. killing in three decades. Murders climbed 35 percent in cities over a quarter-million.

That’s a lot of body bags, funerals, police reports, and civilian fears, especially in large urban areas where Democrats have profitably ruled for decades.

Chicago comes to mind. The Windy City became the Bloody City in 2020 with 774 homicides, more than two every day, an increase of 268 over the previous year. Both New York City and Chicago dropped cash bail for violent crimes. Who could possibly foresee such crimes would increase?

The overall national rate of violent crimes, which includes rape, robbery, and assault, jumped five percent last year over 2019.

See, Joe Biden is concerned that people accused of fatally shooting, stabbing, garroting, or beating another human to death must come up with large sums of money, at least a percentage of a court-set bail, in order to get out of jail during often protracted legal proceedings against them.


Traditionally, such sums have served as financial deterrents to flight, giving authorities and bail bondsmen incentives to retrieve said suspects when they flee. And if the bail is high enough, effectively prohibiting an accused with a particularly violent record from getting out of jail at all.

But Joe Biden sees this as unfair. And wants to rely on an honor system. (See illegal alien policy.)

Conceivably, such lenience could help Biden and his Democrat party keep the political allegiance of the deadly assault-homicide crowd. In the interests of progressive equity, you understand.

Conceivably, however, no bail could also further reduce the perceived danger of knocking someone off since you can be back on the streets doing your thing in no time at no financial cost.

Others see such a Biden scheme as another revealing sign of his diminished mental capabilities, that he would initiate or fall for progressives’ ridiculous Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card that goes against common sense and removes one more serious disincentive to such lethal anti-social behavior.

And while we’re talking about all-important equity, what about the obligation of government to protect the rights of the overwhelming majority of law-abiding Americans who expect safety and security from a government that locks up dangerous creatures? And doesn’t release them from some cockeyed sense of political justice without a Not Guilty verdict from a jury of their peers.

The same question arose during these protracted pandemic months when many state and local governments simply released prisoners from crowded jails to protect them from – wait for it — the awful prospect of maybe getting COVID like the rest of us living in freedom because we hadn’t been accused of a crime.


And with no regard to what these accused folks might do to some of the rest of us living a peaceful life like, say, eyewitnesses to their alleged crime.

Joe Biden, who turns 79 next month, will have no realistic concerns about such retribution for the rest of his life. He’ll never go anywhere ever again without Kevlar-jacketed Secret Service agents with rapid-fire weapons just inside their unbuttoned jackets.

And why is that? Because somehow evil, crazy criminals remain on the streets where the rest of us law-abiders seek to live and work in peace, despite politicians with loopy ideas of lenience.



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