Women Need to Support Due Process. Always.

Believe all women. We’re hearing it now with Brett Kavanaugh and we’ve heard it before. Some women want you to think that, to be an “ally,” to be anti-rape, you have to think that every accusation is true, no questions asked. They want you to forget due process, to forget “innocent until proven guilty,” lock ’em up and throw away the key, and women need to demand better.


When the #MeToo movement started picking up steam, some of the accusations got a little thin. People didn’t really seem to care.


With Betsy DeVos at the helm, The United States Education Department has begun overhauling Title IX. In other words, they came up with new rules as to how colleges would deal with sexual assault allegations. The new parameters would include cross-examination and the presumption of innocence, rather than allowing lives to be ruined over false accusations. This protects the accused from false allegations, and protects victims, because false accusations do nothing but harm those who have truly been assaulted. We should all want a fair justice system. But some don’t some just want men to be punished. Some want an accusation to be enough.

When those changes were made, many were livid. It was as though Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos had personally legalized rape on campus. Like this cornerstone of our judicial system was somehow an affront to victims of sexual assault that nefarious Republicans trotted out to benefit rapists.


Yes, due process is the same as supporting rape, right? Apparently, according to some. Let’s move forward a couple of months. Judge Brett Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court. All seemed well and good until an accusation of sexual assault. The problem is that the accusation had nothing to support it. No corroboration of any kind. It would never hold up in a court of law. Then again, many people said “it’s not a trial, it’s a job interview.” Good thing it’s also pretty darn illegal to can an applicant based on an accusation, too. It’s a feature of the freedom in this country, not a bug in the system, that a person cannot simply make an accusation and derail a person’s life. So, no, a human resources person can’t just say “hey, I heard you did a horrific thing in high school” and not hire a person. Let’s see what the feminists have to say about that.


Why should we believe all women? There’s nothing about being a woman that makes us inherently unable to lie. There’s nothing about being a man that makes them inherently evil. An innocent man being imprisoned does not make life better for victims of sexual violence, it simply makes life worse for the innocent.

Women should be better. It wasn’t that long ago that we were burned as witches on little more than accusations. Some seem to want revenge for past injustices more than they want present justice or equality. We should be better. We should want equality, we should strive for justice. For all. We should demand fair and equal treatment. For all. We should not accept anything less than due process. Ever.



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