Famed Leftist Noam Chomsky Gets University Gig

Famous for his dislike of capitalism, anti-Vietnam rhetoric, being a “political dissident,”  and openly supporting anti-Israel group Hezbollah. Now, he can add to that the title of professor at the University of Arizona. According to Campus ReformThe 89 year-old will make just over $62,000 to work part-time teaching a course entitled “What is Politics?”


The course description says:

(The course expolores) issues in contemporary political analysis, human values and political goals, how governments differ and why they change, [and] how nations differ from one another

As a guest lecturer at UA, Chomsky was paid about $10,000 per lecture. For reference, Bevan Olyphant, a former Green Beret who taught a leadership class was only paid $1,500 for his. UA Vice President of Communications Chris Sigurdson told Campus Reform that Chomsky’s salary was “covered by private donations.”

He is, of course, a big fan of Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Then again, he says he wants “libertarian socialism,” which is as impossible as anything in her platform. Is this guy, who does not appear to have visited reality any time in the recent past, somebody you want in a teaching position? Universities have lost their minds.



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