Target Apologizes After Marketing "Baby Daddy" Cards for Father's Day

On Sunday, we celebrate the men who were there for us. Who taught us right from wrong, helped us with our homework, and laced up our first ice skates (what? I’m from Michigan). Yes, on Sunday, we celebrate fathers.


Target, however, wanted to give people options. Some of the cards say “Father’s Day,” sure, but some refer to “dad” or “daddy.” Some are specifically from a son or a daughter, and for wives to give their husbands, the fathers of their children. Where they missed the mark, however, was with this one, features the phrase “Baby Daddy.” As Takeisha Saunders pointed out when she shared it on Facebook, it was also the only card she found that depicted a black couple. Come on.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a woman’s “Baby Daddy” is the father of her child, but not one with whom she has a relationship. Not her husband, not her boyfriend, just the daddy of her baby. So, in this one card, we’ve managed to institutionalize this culture while also being pretty racist.

Saunders wasn’t the only one who thought so.

There were others who didn’t mind so much.


This guy doesn’t mind, but I can’t decide we should definitely listen to him or definitely not listen to him seeing as he goes by “DaOvaryBuster.”

Target removed the cards from stores and issued an apology, telling Fox News:

We appreciate the feedback and apologize. It’s never our intent to offend any of our guests with the products we sell.

It’s not just about race, though, it’s about honoring the role of “Baby Daddy.” Yes, a real man will step up and be a daddy to his baby in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. Does our culture expect so little of men that they need to be specifically rewarded for this? So much so that a regular father’s day card wouldn’t apply? They’re still fathers, and should celebrate the day as such. We shouldn’t expect less of a man for being unmarried.

Let’s readjust our expectations of men, because this is just embarrassing for everyone.



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