Mike Pence Gets Note From Rescued Detainee

From VP Twitter

When Kim Hak Soon Kim Sang Duk, who had been held in North Korea for a year, and Kim Dong Chul, who had been held for nearly three years, arrived home in America, one of them handed Vice President Mike Pence something he will never forget.


Pence, a dedicated Christian, was moved when he was handed a note which contained a Psalm. He tweeted about the moment with a picture of the note.

The psalm reads:

When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion
They were like the men who dreamed
Their mouths were filled with laugher
Their tongues with songs of joy
Then it was said among the nations
“The Lord has done great things for them
And we are filled with joy!”

While Pence did not say which of the men wrote the note, Daily Wire reports that one is an ordained pastor and another is reported to be a Christian missionary.

This was a moving message to share with the Vice President as they reached American soil at Andrews Joint Air Force Base.


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