College Revokes Award From Conservative Student

Quade Lancaster, a student at Lone Star College-Tomball, was told last semester that he would be receiving an award for academic excellence. Now, he isn’t getting the award. One might thing it was coincidental, but this is the second time the college has taken action against him since they learned he is conservative and does not support gun confiscation.


When he expressed this opinion in a discussion with members of the student government in April after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, he was removed from his position as student government president and made vice president. Since the position was appointed rather than election, the college was in a position to do so without input from the student body. He told Campus Reform what happened.

“It’s a huge problem at college campuses everywhere,” he asserted. “I have learned from all of this that college campuses are corrupting and misleading students… and I believe this does not represent the best interests of students and citizens in our country.”

Since then, Lancaster says the school “has been retaliating against me left and right.” Now, his academic award, for which he was nominated by a former professor, has been revoked. Campus Reform has images of the initial invitation.

The invitation tells him he will be receiving an award and invites him to bring his family to the ceremony on April 26. Imagine his consternation when he arrived at the ceremony only to be told he wasn’t receiving one. He said he was  “embarrassed to show up and be humiliated that my reward was revoked,”


“I asked about it [a few days later] and was told it was an invitation error and that I was not technically supposed to receive an award, which is obviously a lie because I was nominated a very long time ago,” Lancaster said.

He was told by the same college employee who demoted him to student body vice president because “from one white person to another,” he wasn’t allowed to express thoughts on gun control.

“I feel like if I just let it go and agree to their terms that it won’t change what the current issue is, which is liberal bias on college campuses,” Lancaster said. “Change needs to happen in this country or we are all going to be in a lot of trouble.”



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