Episcopal Church Removes "Husband and Wife" From Marriage Service

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The Episcopal Church has been fairly wacky lately. In January, they voted to stop using “gendered language for God.” That’s right, no “He,” “Him,” or “father,” despite that being what Jesus called Him (yes, I still use gendered language). The resolution drafters stated:


“Fixed boundaries of gender identity are being challenged and churches need to respond.  This resolution is a clear response to the systematic oppression and violence that transgender people experience on a daily basis.”

Now, the church has removed the terms “husband” and “wife” as well as all references to procreation, Life Site News reports. Why? To make the ceremony more gay-friendly.

“The new service removes the phrase ‘the union of husband and wife’ and replaces it with ‘the union of two people,’” according to a report in the U.K. Telegraph. It also “replaces the section which talks about part of God’s intention for marriage being ‘for the procreation of children’ with the phrase ‘for the gift of children’ to make it more relevant for same-sex couples who may wish to adopt.”

An Anglican (the Episcopal Church in England) LGBT group wrote a letter calling the move “courageous, just, and Christ-like.”

If only the Episcopal Church cared this much about the rest of their members, which they’re hemorrhaging. Since 1980, they have lost nearly a third of their members, an exodus which sped up after 2000. They’ve spent $18 million in a single year suing their own local congregations -who tried to secede from the church to align with the more conservative Anglican church- over property. Such are their priorities.

It’s good to know where they stand.



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