Chicago Gym Caters to Leftist Weaklings

Since the election, the American left has been getting increasingly more violent. We’ve got campuses burning down, police horses being attacked, and Republican Congressmen being shot. However, the so-called “Antifa” movement (short for Anti-fascist. Yes, the irony is rich), seems to think they’re the ones who are in need of physical protection. In Chicago, there’s a new “autonomous gym” called Haymaker aimed at helping to turn these Pajama Boys into Pajama Men.


Kevin of the Haymaker Collective said

We’re trying to develop self-defense skills in a political climate that’s increasingly violent, especially towards marginalized peoples, people who are not in power, the poor the oppressed.


Meyer, also of the collective, put it thus:

at the end of the day, stronger people are just harder to kill.

They say it’s not about starting fights, but about self-defense, protecting themselves from the danger they seem to think they’re going to be in under Trump. They seem to have overlooked one important fact: the left is behind the vast majority of the violence being perpetrated.

While the word “haymaker” is not only a type of punch, Chicagoan Emily Zanotti of Heat Street pointed out, the name also appears to be a play on words. Haymarket was also an anarchist riot in the city in the 1880s that ended in the death of one Chicago police officer.


I’m all about self-defense, but I have some real questions about the success rates of this program. Seriously, check out this nonsense. 

Training with the Haymaker Collective from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

The group tried to raise $50,000 online for the initiative, and ended up raising a stunning 12%. That’s right. The campaign ended with only $6,000 donated. Yikes.


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