Lena Dunham Posts and Deletes Insulting Father's Day Tweet

Yesterday, Lena Dunham celebrated Father’s Day by saying that you can take them or leave them.



She deleted the tweet after the blowback, but screenshots are forever. The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestagiacomo tweeted the screenshot and the replies would have been helpful for Dunham.



Daily Wire also had some statistics Dunham might want to consider:

63% of youths who commit suicide come from a fatherless home.

70% of all juveniles in “state-operated institutions” come from a fatherless home.

71% of all high school dropouts come from a fatherless home.

85% of all children who display behavioral disorders come from a fatherless homes.

Her own dad, Carroll Dunham V (white privilege, much?) is a painter in the New York area whose paintings contain a whole lot of nudity and thinks that white men are problematic.

Dads matter. Fathers Day seems like a weird day to say that they don’t. Dunham Deleted the tweet, but now we know how she really feels. Yikes.





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