Democrat Candidate Blames Manchester Attack on Misogyny

In the wake of last night’s attack in Manchester, England, one can expect Twitter to come up with some horrible hot takes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Brianna Wu, who is a candidate for the US House of Representatives in MA.


Of course, it was not just women and girls who were hurt, and it is not just women and girls who are grieving the loss of loved ones today. To say that this was some kind of a female event is just silly. However, there is one grain of truth in her tweet, which one can only assume was accidental.

According to her Twitter bio, Wu is also “ready for a bolder Democratic party. Maybe this version of the Democratic party will be ready to admit that Radical Islam has a misogyny problem. As far as that goes, sexism was most certainly involved. Is your bolder Democratic party bold enough for that?


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