Marketing Professor Makes Students Pay $99 to Join Anti-Patriarchy Site — Which She Owns

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A teacher in Michigan has been fighting male domination by making students fork over denominations.

As relayed by Young America’s Foundation, Michigan State University Professor Amy Wisner has required that attendees of her Marketing Communications course buy memberships to the “Patriarchy Rebellion” website.


The site is separated into thirds:

Communicate & Connect

This virtual community exists far, far away from the internet bullies and trolls. It’s a space where we can engage in rich, nuanced dialogue about important social issues while centering humanity, kindness, and compassion.

Listen, Learn & Grow

Rebel Ed. is the educational hub of The Rebellion Community. Tune in for live discussions with educators and experts sharing their perspectives on important social issues. Pre-recorded sessions and lessons will be added as the community grows.

Change the World

Reconnect with your most authentic self in community with others who are doing the work. Let’s collectively support one another in our efforts to create a kinder, more compassionate world that honors the humanity in each of us.

Rebellion doesn’t come cheap; the annually-renewing subscription reportedly runs $99/year. According to YAF, access offers PDF files and YouTube videos promoting a “social justice agenda rather than anything remotely relevant to the subject matter of the business course.”

And curiously, the site is owned by Amy herself.

In June of last year, she purportedly posted to Twitter concerning Patriarchy Rebellion’s purpose:

“The Rebellion community is a safe place to coordinate our efforts to burn everything to the f***ing ground.”

It’s certainly not the first time sociopolitical issues have entered education. These days, campuses seem three parts politics, one part academics:


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As for teachers taking in money by way of mandates, that’s nothing new. Some professors print their own required “textbooks” and sell them for staggering sums.

What makes Amy’s situation uniquely notable is the chasm between her course’s subject and the concerns of the website. But don’t misunderstand the arsonous intent; Patriarchy Rebellion is anti-bullying. A video on the site makes such clear, following a disclaimer:

Trigger Warning

The following slides contain screenshots of bullying conversations which include fat-shaming language…

New memberships may soon experience a slump; per YAF, the instructor is on leave amid alleged scrutiny over forced Rebellion.

With more than 600 students enrolled in her course this semester alone, Wisner has likely collected tens of thousands of dollars in revenue from her students. She has failed to keep her story straight regarding the way she uses the funds. During one class session, she told students that the revenue is used to bring in guest speakers. A GoFundMe page states that she’s using the funds to buy herself a “Rebellion RV.” Her website states that “100% of membership fees are used for awareness, education, and activism for a BULLY-FREE FUTURE™.”


All of that could be inaccurate; per her Twitter post last year, “100 percent of membership fees are donated to Planned Parenthood.”



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