Deftly Defying Reality, California Still Insists COVID Vaccination Protects 'Everyone Close to You'

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If you get vaccinated, you’ll stop the spread of COVID. So asserts a myth about the virus. And so suggests the California government.

At, the state makes clear its message: “Keep California moving. Get vaccinated.”


How might the shots enable movement? One way, it seems, is to stop the spread:

Your actions save lives. … Get your booster.

Clicking to “schedule your vaccination” takes users to, which offers the following:

Children ages 6 months and older are now eligible for either a bivalent 3rd dose or bivalent booster of the COVID-19 vaccine. To learn more or to book an appointment, talk to your child’s healthcare provider today. Scheduling coming here soon. The 2-dose mpox vaccine is currently available for eligible patients of all ages. Book an appointment or find a walk-in clinic today.

And then:

COVID-19 vaccinations: Get up to date, stay up to date. Protect yourself and everyone close to you.

It’s an idea previously put forth by President Joe Biden; after all, you can’t spread COVID if you don’t have it:

And it’s a claim heard ’round the country.

Per Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center:

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine isn’t just about you — it protects others in your life.

Courtesy of Yale University’s COVID Coordinator:

Bolstering immunity with updated COVID-19 vaccine boosters adds important layers of protection for ourselves and others. In this week’s message, I will provide information on a new requirement for the updated COVID-19 vaccine booster.


From the Mayo Clinic:

Protect yourself, others by getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

Yet, it’s heavily established that such statements are false.

As declared by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky:

“Our vaccines are working exceptionally well … But what they can’t do…is prevent transmission.”

Moreover, we recently learned transmission prevention was never even tested by Pfizer; the company had to “move at the speed of science”:

Beyond that, on November 23rd, The Washington Post ran “Vaccinated People Now Make Up a Majority of COVID Deaths.”

Yet, just this month, White House COVID White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha assured, “We know we can prevent nearly every death from COVID if people get the updated vaccines and people get treated.”


Regardless of their effect on the death rate, vaccinations don’t prevent contraction. Nor do they prevent transmission. Subsequently, getting vaccinated does not protect “everyone” — or anyone — “close to you” as still asserted by the California government and a wealth of other institutions.

Will the holdouts ever accept that their claim doesn’t “trust the science”? That remains to be seen. But if so, perhaps California will take a little more time than others to come to the light.



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