Absolute Miracle: At the Last Second, a Couple and Their Baby Are Saved from a Drunk Driver by an Angel in a Chevrolet

[Screenshot from Phoenix Police Department via Twitter, https://twitter.com/phoenixpolice/status/1187096824491806721?]


In Arizona Wednesday, October 14th, the lives of a couple and their baby were astonishingly saved by an angel in a Chevrolet.


Were it not for her, they would likely have been violently killed by a drunk driver.

While the pair was pushing a stroller along the crosswalk of a 6-lane Phoenix highway, intoxicated 23-year-old Ernesto Oveso — accompanied by a female passenger — came barreling through.

Speeding beneath the red light.

The racing Jeep was headed straight for the family.

Death seemed imminent.

But something happened: a 27-year-old woman cut across the intersection in a Chevy Cruze.

At the exact moment Ernesto was to destroy a family of three.

The Jeep plowed into the Cruze instead of the baby and parents.

Tragedy, averted.


A miracle.

As reported by Fox10, Ernesto and his passenger attempted to flee the scene in their vehicle.

A witness chased after.

The woman eventually got away, but Ernesto was caught and arrested.

He was charged with a DUI and aggravated assault.


A gun was found inside the Jeep.

The driver in the car hit by Ernesto wasn’t harmed.

As I wrote Thursday, “We never know if today is a bridge to tomorrow or the end of yesterday’s road.”

We also never know when the hand of providence might reach down and snatch us from the jaws of death.

Such was the case for a couple and their baby.

Such may be the case for any of us, at any time.

May we all live lives worthy of that miracle.



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